Heroes & Generals: Wings of War Update Will Bring New Plane Colors

This might be what you’ve been waiting for. Getting that colors on the old Planes seems like a must to me. At firs look, it might be disappointing to some players, but, seems like this is the best way to standardize the basic design of the factory paint jobs.

Heroes & Generals: Wings of War Update

Heroes & Generals: Wings of War Update

The Soviet YAK-9, Messerschmitt BF 109E-4 and the US P-38 Lightning will receive the new factory paint jobs.

The existing paint jobs will be grandfathered and by already owning either the Yak-9, Messerschmitt or BF 109E-4 or US p-38 Lightning before the update applies, you will keep the old paint jobs. However, if you buy either of these three planes after the Wings of War update applies, you will get to use the new paint jobs as they will feature only the new factory paint jobs.

Also, If you own the old factory paint jobs and have the planes, you can still buy the paint jobs afterward. Meaning, you are not going to be stick to the old ones.

New Paint Jobs

With the Wings of War update, the same planes will get totally different and new paint jobs and they will differ from the factory ones. They will be authentic World War 2 paint jobs, even though the devs noted that have some inspiration received from the former factory paint jobs.

Even though the players are mad and instead of upgrading something else and improving the gameplay, the devs decides to release new paint jobs. This might be very frustrating for the players and the community. On the bright side, this might be their only way of getting money so they can improve the gameplay, physics and mechanics of the game. So if it’s because of that, we should stop being frustrated and let the devs work on what they think it’s best for the game.

We hope this will satisfy a lot of players and

The New Paint jobs will be available for purchase after the Wings of War patch applies.

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