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The Isle Patch Has Been Launched

The Isle has just received a new patch adding new features and also fixing some bugs. This new patch is re-enabling the Austroraptor and Utahraptor Pounce too. However, the devs noted that they’re still working on balancing the stamina mechanics. The Isle is continuing to develop more and more and this patch just proves it.

What is new in this Patch is that a new replay system has been added. This was kind of needed for the players, and this patch will bring it to live. This system will give you the chance to record demos and play them from any camera. In order to start recording, make sure you press the T button and then T to stop the recording. This keybind is named Push to Talk but it will get its own separate keybind later.

Replays are saved in: %localappdata%\TheIsle\Saved\Demos

There will also be a Server Sided replays which are going to come soon and will record all traffic on the server without mattering the distance.

Bug Fixes are also being deployed within this patch. You can see the bug fixes list below:

  • Changed attenuation type on Anky front steps, added more effects to Austro latch animation.
  • Fixed Camara unable to switch between skins, updated Grey Camara skin.
  • New: Started Upgrading the remaining UI Elements to the new User Interface on Host Menu, Message Box General / Message Box Large.
  • Fixed: Checkbox Button hover and pressed states was malformed.

Tell us your thoughts on patch, do you think that The Isle will become a better game to play?

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