Town of Salem Update 1.5.11 Adds Two New Features

Town of Salem just got a new update, patch 1.5.11. This patch adds two new features, role changes, bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Keep on reading and find out more.

There are two new features in Town of Salem with patch 1.5.11. You can now find Taunts and Cauldron. These are new systems that allow better interaction and gives you some extra stuff. First let’s talk about the Taunts.

town of salem update 1.5.11

Taunt or emote system gives the players a whole new interaction. Now, you can interact with animations. You can turn the target into a frog with Witch hexing taunt. Cool, right? In addition, there is also a RIP Tombstone taunt and Dog Peeing taunt. The devs are saying in the future there will be a lot of new taunts, which will make the interactions more fun.

How to get them? The Taunts can be purchased in the shop or by winning the new Cauldron system. Just click on the player’s avatar and choose your favorite taunt.

I have mentioned the Cauldron system above. This is a new system, that grants the player a free stuff. And its very simple to get them. All you have to do is log in every day, visit the Cauldron’s Witch and get the free potion. The potion will give you 20 Merit pts. This is for the first 6 days. On day 7, there will be a random Prize. Maybe you will win a Boat Load of Swag, SteamBot, Kickstarter or Refer-a-Friend award. This includes only skins, houses, pets, maps, scrolls, merit points and themes.

Patch 1.5.11 brings some role change to Spy and Arsonist. With the Spy changes, you can now tell the Mafia if a Spy is there or not. This allows the Mafia to communicate free and makes strategies without fearing the Spy.

Arsonist is now buffed and can make douses silent. A great change, that allows Arsonist to hide in the shadows.

Town of Salem Update 1.5.11 Gameplay Improvements and Bug Fixes

I really hope to see what the other players have to say about the changes. What I think is the devs made the game even better now and more fun to play. Here are the gameplay improvements and bug fixes:

  • Characters are re-positioned and now have more uniform alignment on the map.
  • Web Version – Remember Password on Login Screen.
  • There is a double-click ability on the custom lobbies Selected Roles list to allow removal of the role from the list using a mouse double-click.
  • For Custom/Rapid games, a notice on the End Game Screen that the MP award calculation is based on length of the game is added.
  • Resurrected Graveyard Bug – fixes an issue where blank graveyard line caused by resurrected player being removed from graveyard could still be highlighted and clicked to open LW/DN.
  • Fixed bug that allowed bypassing of Ranked Requirements when joining a Ranked game.
  • The Shops is now in the middle of the screen
  • Fixed bug in custom lobbies where Any or Neutral Killing selections were not being mirrored to other players from the host. Also fixed the off-by-one issue on some of the other roles.
  • AllAny and RapidMode button text – added spaces between words.
  • SteamBot DeathAnimation Sound – Reduced volume.
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