Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds First Person Mode is Much More Intense Than Third Person

Now when PUBG’s 4th Monthly Update is live, we can comment and express ourselves on the First Person mode. This mode has to be the best thing ever happened to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. First Person mode feels really intense and realistic and makes the game a lot fairer than it is in Third Person mode. There are many factors to confirm it is fairer, and we’re more than glad to note them out.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

It’s a game that no one should have any kind of advantage, especially on the “annoying” third person camera. Let’s not lie, everyone has enjoyed using the third person camera as an advantage on the environment. However, now, the game will be totally different. It will be much cleaner, better, fairer.

Sneaking up on enemies

In First Person mode, it will be a lot easier to sneak up on enemies since they won’t have any kind of advantage if they’re behind a cover. Flanking has just become a thing in PUBG. The prey will no longer be able to turn the camera in his favor and find out the where the flanker is located. Instead, the prey will need to expose himself in order to see what’s going on around them which makes the First Person mode a lot fairer.

For the Intense part, it really makes the game feel like a Battle Royale. The weapons look quite realistic and the sound is truly connected to the environment. To sum it up, it’s even more immersive than it is in third person. Oh, haven’t you tried the Mk14 EBR yet? Wait until you try that beauty, you’ll love the game even more. 🙂

Feeling the Excitement

The amazing part is when you succeed into the top 5 players on the map. This is where things become interesting. You won’t know whether you breathe in real life or virtual reality. This is what makes the game intense. You’ll be able to precise the shooting sound and where exactly comes from. The adrenaline boost is higher than it is in the third person servers since your eyesight limit is pushing you to think twice before performing your next move.

There are no leaderboards since this counts as beta, but we’re pretty sure there will be. What we love and support is that Brendan Greene said that the community reports about the slow looting is fixed. It seems like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds won’t stop here. There are more copies to be sold, so you better prepare to welcome this Juggernaut of a game into your own library.

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