What if PUBG Puts You In a Randomly Generated Island Every Consecutive Game

Have you watched the Battle Royale movie? Knowing the Battle Royale story, the unfortunate students are hauled on an Island they have never attended before. Full of fear and artificial instinct to kill, their only way out is to kill each other, leaving only one survivor. (Even though that’s not the ending in the movie.)

The first part of the film enlightens a fantastic and futuristic idea which might improve PUBG by far.

My thoughts on this are that PlayerUnknown – Brendan Greene, and Bluehole could’ve spiced the game a bit more by adding a Procedural Island Generation by using an enhanced algorithm, so every different queue, the players are going to experience something new.

It is a next-gen idea and emphasizes towards a more complete and fair fight for all the old and new players.

What if Procedural Island Generation becomes a thing in PUBG?

Randomly Generated World could be an excellent idea, knowing that the game will comply with the Movie’s story, and Procedural Generation is a possible thing nowadays. We’re living in a high-tech world where everything is possible. Therefore, a Randomly Generated World, or in this case an Island could be an entirely challenging factor for the players. This kind of feature should bring a higher excitement level, thus ignite the survival instincts in player’s minds.

It’s a win-win situation, knowing that this might be a breather for the developers at Bluehole too. As we go deeper into PUBG’s existence, players will start to be bored from the maps. So, why to build new maps from the bottom to the top when you already have the answer. I know that people will probably discuss this idea and have both negative and positive thoughts, but I think that this might become a successful adoption in PUBG’s world.

No more deathmatch

Players are jumping in Military or School all the time. Do not get me wrong; I am doing the same thing. However,  A Randomly Generated World should open a dilemma which is going to lead towards a different playstyle and approach to the game itself. It will also fix a potentially significant issue and will follow the Battle Royale story more precisely. The community should not feel boring at all. Putting aside the already existing Island of Erangel, it should bring a lot more fun overall.

Not knowing where to go and where the best loot lays is what makes a game exciting. Experiencing different content, different mountains, foliage, weather, etc… is nothing but having a Cheesecake in a game of this caliber. I honestly think that the whole community will soak this idea. Procedural Island Generation should and hopefully will become a new PUBG phenomenon.

Below you can find the modified map included in the picture above.

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