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Teams Forging PUBG’s Lineups, G2 Introduces Their New PUBG Squad

What could you do? It’s the most entertaining and uprising Esports title. As we have said in dozens of other articles, PUBG will be the game that will unite players from different game genres to compete for a big prize pool. G2 has proved that statement of ours by recruiting players from different game genres and different history. The game might still be in early access but Big Named teams have already started forging their squads to compete in PUBG. After Ninjas In Pijamas, it’s G2’s turn to announce their PUBG lineup.

G2’s Lineup is composed of Phantasy, Velan, Stephen, and Wack0. These four G2a’s freshmen are experienced in PUBG and have their own set of skills. What is important is that G2’s lineup comes from two different games, just as we said in the beginning of this article. Phantasy and Stephen are former Call of Duty PC Professionals and velan and wack0 are coming from Overwatch.

G2 has also stated that all of the players have been recruited by G2’s recruiting team and none of them have had any kind of privileges during that process. That’s what usually make teams successful. With this announcement, G2 has also released a new trailer introducing wacko, including a set up of pre-recorded kills. It’s a nice edit, so it’s worth to take a look. Below you can watch the video.

PUBG is assumed to have an enormous impact on the Esports scene, it just remains to be seen.



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