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Destiny 2 Warmind is Now Available, The Beginning of Season 3 Brings Lots of Exotic Weapon Changes

The new Destiny 2 update offers quite an essential content for both the newcomers and returning players. The Warmind DLC was scheduled to release on 8 May, and today is the critical day since everyone has gotten a higher amount of time spent in the game. Overall, it gives an improved gameplay experience, besides the fact that players have been waiting for such an improvement for a long time.

Alongside the availability of the Warmind DLC, Season 3 has also begun. It will push them to step up their gameplay, as players who own the DLC will be able to level up their character to level 30 and Power Level to 385.

Warmind 2 will take players to Mars and will include a whole new variety of daily activities and vital missions to take care of. Alongside this, the co-op activities are brought to a whole new level, and the beauty of Mars will embrace players to explore it thicker than usual.

What players want to see is the new Raid, together with the improved endgame activity. Having it as playable content, all the players will be able to obtain new gear. As the developers addressed multiple times, those who are dealing the hardest substance in the game shall receive better rewards than others. All the weekly lockouts are now class-based, which is another reason to celebrate.

Now, let’s get back to the new weapons. Multiple exotic weapons now properly wear their “exotic” tag. They have received significant buffs, which brings a whole new variety of loadouts to the table. Players now have the chance to explore and go beyond their usual builds. The exotic update also comes for free, so you do not need to own season pass nor Warmind, but the core game. Overall, this is the healthiest update that balances many essential and beloved weapons, inscribing them with a huge potential to become player’s favorite.



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