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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 April 9 Patch Notes

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has received a new update on April 9. This update brings customization, settings, multiplayer UI/UX, gameplay, progression, maps, weapons & attachments, perks, equipment, and killstreaks changes.

Without further ado, you can find all of the changes below:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Patch Notes


  • Addressed a crash that could occur while viewing Weapon Attachments.


  • Resolved various issues with Quick Equipping Weapon Charms in the Store.
  • Corrected the display names of the Season 3 Prestige Emblems.


  • Addressed an issue causing the Latency telemetry widget to constantly display N/A.



  • Bug Fixes
    • Armory Unlock Challenges will now display a splash upon completion.
    • Operators will no longer appear to have two Riot Shields equipped in the Lobby.
    • Removing certain Conversion Kits is now properly reflected in the Gunsmith.
    • Weekly Challenge countdown timer will no longer display an invalid time as the Midseason update approaches.
    • Corrected positioning of the FJX Horus in the Gunsmith.
    • Calling Card and Emblem rewards from Weapon Mastery completion are now displayed properly in the After-Action Report.
    • Removing a Weapon Sticker in the Gunsmith will no longer cause the placement indicators to disappear.
    • Revised Pros/Cons labels for multiple Attachments to better reflect their true properties.


  • Improved deprioritization of spawn locations while any Killstreak is active and nearby.


  • Ripper Light Stock for the FJX Horus will no longer appear locked and without unlock requirements.
  • Improved tracking of one-shot kills for the What’s Your Sign? Camo for the MORS.


  • Shipment
    • Added additional spawn points to improve the probabality of a quality spawn selection in Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Hardpoint Modes.
  • Tanked
    • Enemy nameplates are no longer visible through the walls of the Tunnel.


» Assault Rifles «

  • SVA 545
    • Increased maximum damage range from 31.8m to 44.5m (+40%).
    • Increased near-medium damage range from 44.5m to 51.8m (+17%).
    • Increased medium damage range from 51.8m to 61m (+18%).

» Submachine Guns «

  • FJX Horus
    • Optic Attachments with an integrated laser are no longer compatible with the ECS Requieter Suppressor Muzzle.

» Light Machine Guns «

  • TAQ Evolvere
    • Removed duplicate ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider Muzzle Attachment.

» Sniper Rifles «

  • MORS
    • Hurricane 9 Variable Optic
      • Removed the ability to equip this incompatible Attachment.
    • Photonic Charge Barrel
      • Improved consistency of penetration damage through enemy Operators.


  • Ninja Vest (Vest)
    • While equipped with Reinforced Boots, players now gain the effects of Running Sneakers.
  • Compression Carrier (Vest)
    • Kills with a Launcher will now immediately trigger health regeneration.


  • EMD Grenade (Tactical)
    • Changed the tracker removal keybind to Interact on keyboard input devices.
    • Improved prioritization when multiple actions are available for the tracker removal keybind.
    • Tracker removal time is now aligned with the HUD progress bar.
  • Scatter Mine (Tactical)
    • Enemy stun effects are now correctly applied in Hardcode Modes.
  • C4 (Lethal)
    • Detonation can no longer occur until stuck to a surface for 500ms.

Note: This mechanic was expected for the Season 3 update but did not function as intended at the time of release.


  • Guardian-SC
    • Ledge Hanging after equipping the Guardian-SC will no longer cause the player to become unable to fire their Weapon.
  • Remote Turret
    • Attempting to deploy while swimming will no longer cause the player to become unable to fire their Weapon.
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