The Silph Road Gear is Now Available for Pre-Order, Limited Time Only

Sliph Road’s executive dronpes announced a new limited edition Silph Road gear for summer ’18 with a lot of new cool items, so let’s give them our support and let’s keep the server running!

Pre-orders are now available but have in mind it’s only for a limited time, 72 hours and then your gear ships in 3 weeks.

Here is what Silph Road has on their ‘menu:’

  • Silph Road Lapel Pin
  • Black Mesh Back Cap
  • Commemorative Coin: 2nd Year Anniversary
  • Silph Road Shirt (Men)
  • Silph Road Shirt (Woman)
  • Silph Road Sticker Pack

Dronpes was kind enough to share details on how the pre-order and the shipping work, and you can find them below, or check out the official TSR channel.

The Silph Road is about to run a new limited edition batch of swag to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Pokemon GO and our time on the Road in July!

We’ve had tons of requests for more pins, coins, shirts, etc – and we’ve finally lined up our manufacturers and fulfillment solutions to make this work at TSR scale!

We’ve added a few highly-requested things to the gear line-up this time, namely: our second commemorative/challenge coin …and our first hat!

Official Silph gear helps support our (large) server costs and keeps the Silph Road running. It also helps spread the word about the Silph Road network when you’re out playing GO!

How’s shipping work?

  • All gear orders are collected and sent off to our manufacturers (which lets us take advantage of bulk discounts for everyone), and are then sent to our fulfillment center which will ship them out almost immediately – with tracking numbers on all orders!
  • Last time, fulfillment was manually performed by the Silph Road team (#badIdea) and led to about 15% of orders being delayed. This series of gear will be much faster and tracked at every step.

Heading to Dortmund Safari Zone?

  • If you’re heading to Dortmund, you can elect for free shipping via Dortmund pick-up for any orders that don’t include T-shirts. You must pick up your order at Dortmund, however, or it may not be able to be shipped to you!
  • Hop into our GO Fest/Safari Zone Discord server to make sure you’re in the loop about gear pick-up at the park!

Any Way To Ship Cheaper Outside the USA?

  • Unfortunately, we were unable to find a solid fulfillment center in Europe this series. The best solution instead would be to do a “group order” with any folks in your city via Discord/Telegram/etc so shipping is only applied once!

When do pre-orders close?

  • We’ll be closing pre-orders and manufacturing 72 hours from this post. (June 8th)

Is the pin numbered?

  • Yes. This is a limited run, and each pin will have a unique number on the back.

What metal is the pin?

  • Copper! This will be the first variant of the Silph Road pin in antique copper.

Tell me about the “coin”?

  • This is the second Silph Road ‘challenge coin’ we’re producing. It will feature the Silph ‘S’ logo on the back while the front will commemorate the second year of Pokemon GO on the Silph Road. Designs are still being finalized – but this will be a sweet collector’s item for those who are into these things. The coin is a high-quality brass/zinc.

The pre-orders are open for 72 hours, so get your favorite TSR item and let’s give them our support!

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