Quake Champions is Entirely a Free-To-Play Game

Quake Champions is a free-to-play video game. Not that it wasn’t before, but now it doesn’t have the 30$ package added during the Early Access. This has been announced during ZeniMax Media’s QuakeCon convention.

Quake Champions is developed by id Software and has recently received lots of updates, adding new maps. There’s a new champion on the verge of coming, and this announcement comes within the right momentum. It has also been confirmed on the official Quake Champions Twitter profile. The tweet included a new Video showing off the Death Knight champion, which is the newest addition to the game.

If you’re interested in an explosive first-person arena shooter or there had been a reason for you to quit Quake Champions because of the Champions limit, this may be a reason to get back again into it. You can get Quake Champions either through Steam or Bethesda’s Launcher.

This move was a bit expected since players lost the interest in Quake Champions. We do not know the reason, but it’s fun and pleasant to see Quake Champions going free-to-play whatsoever. It’s quite amazing to see the “father” of almost every FPS arena growing back yet again, and we’re here to escort it properly.

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