Pokemon Go Niantic Accidentally Started the Colossal Discovery Event and Decreased Halloween Event Spawns

Trainers, it looks like someone at Niantic pressed the wrong button again and they accidentally started the Colossal Discovery event, which is supposed to go live next week.

The Colossal event featuring the Regi Trio as T5 Raid Bosses is scheduled to begin on November 1, but someone at Niantic thought it was a great idea to launch the event one week earlier.

Pokemon Go players from around the globe have been reporting of spawns changing twice into different sets of Pokemon, reduced egg hatch distance and seeing Regi Trio spawning in Raids.

Because of this mistake, Halloween event spawns are massively decreased.

Did you see any changes near you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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      1. I was really looking forward to the Halloween event. I became greatly disappointed. I have been grinding the best I can. The shiny rates are not near as good as last year. I have caught zero. I can’t seem to find golett anywhere and litwick spawns are really slim. I really really hope that this event ticket I purchased lived up to the hype.

  1. Wondered why I haven’t seen any squirtle Bulbasaur and charmander costume Pokémon raids! I haven’t see any since Sunday morning but maybe I’m just missing them

  2. Spawns at pokestops and gyms are very slim. There are little to no pokemon spawning now. Hardly makes it worth going out.

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