90 Year Old Grandma Has Been Playing Games for 39 Years Straight

How sweet is this?! The 90-year-old Hamako Mori is YouTube’s older gamer, making her officially the oldest gamer on the video platform. With this, Hamako Mori holds the Guinness World Record. She has over 270 000 subscribers and has been gaming for almost 40 years. What started as a hobby has become news worth going worldwide.

In a video made by Guinness World Records, Mori talks about her love of gaming. She discusses that she finds action games, which she was not used to playing before, to be quite tricky. She is better known by her gaming name Gamer Grandma, which is quite cool.

Hamako says one of her favorite games is GTA5, saying she is mesmerized by it and is surprised by the superb graphics.

The beginnings of the gaming era of this grandma started because she used to see children play games and thought it would be a waste if she didn’t play herself.

We prepared a video of the Gaming Grandma. You can see her doing her stuff and be a witness of the oldest gamer in action.

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