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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Update 1.7 Adds PvE Mode

It’s hard to believe that this day would ever come, but there it is, and Hood: Outlaws & Legends Update 1.7 brings PvE mode named State Heist. The game mode focuses on stealth and methodical operation, as noted by the developers. A team of four players will be put against a faulty and erupting State, in which a very dangerous Sheriff with slightly different limitations patrols around.

To succeed in this PvE session, players will need to be extremely careful, which is usually accomplished by being stealth, calculating each step they take. The developer has also published a State Heist PvE Mode Trailer, which can be found below:

Execute the perfect State Heist to get the Shadowlord costumes in a new event!

To celebrate the State Heist launch, we are kicking off the Survive the State event.

Players who successfully complete a State Heist without dying will receive the new Shadow Lords costume for the character they were playing. A worthy challenge for fearless Outlaws! The rewards will be unlocked when the event ends on August 2nd. The rewards can be found below:

As an outlaw, your job will be immensely difficult, as becoming a legend is not just every day’s work. Players will need to optimize the four classes in their take against the AI, which could potentially make this game mode very fun. As a payout, the rewards are there. With the release of the PvE update, Sumo Digital has also noted that Season 1 is almost here, consisted of free content for all players with another wave of beneficial rewards.

All of the patch notes released for Hood: Outlaws & Legends update 1.7 can be found below:

New inputs
  • Inputs for takedowns and interactions on PC can now be bound to separate keys – enabled in Gameplay Options with ‘Extended Controls (Keyboard)’
  • Robin flashbang duration has been shortened.
Bugs fixes
    • Fixed several client and server stability issues.
Level Design
  • Fixed a few areas where player characters could get stuck on Citadel, Outpost, and Graveyard.
  • Fixed areas where the treasure chest could get stuck in Citadel.
  • Gear/Rock throwing is now more accurate – more closely matches the drawn trajectory
  • Fixed an issue where arrows attached to dead characters may not be retrievable.
  • Fixed interaction prompts being displayed after dying
  • Fixed issues with AI weapons behaving erratically when they are assassinated.
  • Fixed an issue where AI seems to be blocking attacks while they have their back turned.
  • Guards should now behave more consistently when shot from stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where assassinating a character near an edge caused the player to be thrown up in the air.
  • Fixed an animation issue when picking up the treasure from crouched
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with the portcullis quickly as John caused animation issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap’s compass may not indicate North consistently.
  • If Robin equips both the Forceful Fighter and Tactical Quiver perks, his maximum arrow capacity is 8 arrows (instead of 5 previously)
  • Fixed an issue where footsteps could not be heard on Coastal.
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