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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Patch Notes for September 12th

September 12th is poised to redefine your horror-filled escapades in the heart of Texas. From the eerie hitchhiker traps to the pulse-pounding chase sequences, developers address known glitches and ramp up the suspense. Gone are the days of the prolonged lobby waits and elusive achievements. The Leatherface realm is getting spookier and more streamlined.

Below, you can find the gory details of what this patch brings to the terror table.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Patch Notes September 12


  • Fixed: Victims Trapped Collision Issue

    • Resolved an issue where Victims who are trapped then lose collision/control when trying to use a gap afterward.

    • This issue is not the ONLY issue related to Hitchhiker traps and Victims.

    • To provide additional info on additional issues with Hitchhiker traps and Victims, please use THIS THREAD.

  • Fixed: Perking Up Achievement

    • We fixed an issue with the Perking Up achievement causing it to not unlock.

    • Carry on Achievement Hunters

  • Fixed: Continue on Lobby End Screen

    • This issue was causing all active players to wait the full timer when choosing to continue to the next match, due to disconnected players.

    • This will help speed up the process of matchmaking into the next match for active players.

  • Fixed: Continue Missing from Custom Game End Screen

    • We resolved an issue where the continue option was missing from the end screen of custom games.

  • Changed: Battery Match Start State

    • The car battery will now start out on and be powered up by default.

    • This will help Family players get to the tasks at hand to set up for the match faster.

  • Changed: Respec in Lobby Option

    • We have removed the option to respec characters in match lobbies.

    • You can still edit the character loadouts and spend any unused skill points.

    • Respec will have to be done via the main menu now.

  • Tuned: Bone Scrap Limits

    • Bone Scrap piles are now limited to 3 uses per pile.

    • This is just one step in terms of balancing the scrap usage and frequency.

  • Tuned: Cook Lock Usage XP Farm

    • We have set a limiter to the amount of XP that can be earned from placing and removing locks repeatedly.

    • You will still receive the XP bonus for placing each of the three locks once.

  • Tuned: Lobby Timer Set to 3 Minutes

    • We added to the lobby timer in the last patch to give more time to fill lobbies.

    • The community generally disliked this change, and we have therefore reverted it back to the standard 3 minutes.

  • Tuned: Further Anti Cheat Tuning and Improvements

    • We have continued our work on anti cheat and are one step closer to reintegrating PC into cross play, though we are not there just yet.

    • Players encountering usage of cheats and/or hacks in public PC lobbies, please continue to report them via support.


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  1. So we just gonna ignore that like half the peoples game still crashes or what. Can’t wait for that update if it don’t come on the next one I’m just gonna cut losses and delete it

  2. I just hope they do something about Leatherface, like adding some variations with slightly different playstyles or something… So many matches where no one wants to play him.

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