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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Update Brings Back PC Crossplay

Good news for fans of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game: an update released on October 3rd will improve your gaming experience. While the update may not have significant gameplay changes, it serves an essential purpose: PC gamers can now join in crossplay with Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 users.

Available on all platforms, this patch focuses on backend stability and server tweaks, paving the way for more significant updates in the future. So, while this may not be the most flashy update, it lays essential groundwork.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre October Patch Notes

As per the official announcement:

A Patch will be rolling out at roughly 4:30PM Eastern US time today on all platforms.

Today’s patch consists of various backend stability and server fixes to ready up the title for future, larger patches.

This patch also includes the necessary changes to turn cross play back on for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 platforms. Once you install the latest patch, cross play will be enabled and PC will be reintegrated into the pool.

Please make sure to fully close the title and restart to download the patch.

To report any and all existing or persistent issues, please use the support site.

Please stay tuned to the official channels for any news on the status of the upcoming patch.

Thanks for your continued support and patience!

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