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Arma Reforger Update Fixes Plenty of Issues

This patch is queued to arrive on Xbox tomorrow.

As always, the PC platform is getting Arma Reforger updates a day earlier before they arrive on the Xbox platform. On Wednesday, the developer of Arma Reforger, Bohemia Interactive, deployed a new update titled, dealing with some known issues that could contribute to a much better and smoother gameplay experience.

Previously, Arma Reforger players were frustrated due to connection issues preventing them from having an entire and entertaining game session, especially in Conflict mode. Basically said, not a single Conflict match was concluded without any disconnection, and Bohemia Interactive had to do something about it. Considering its Early Access status, this was expected, but seeing the number of fixes deployed over the past couple of weeks is baffling.

This further proves how Bohemia Interactive is mending its game, investing the workforce in getting rid of all game-breaking issues. If the development continues with this pace, we might see Arma 4 somewhat earlier than later. Without further ado, below, you can find all of the changes addressed with the latest Arma Reforger patch.

Arma Reforger Patch Notes


  • Fixed: Wrecks blocking vehicle spawnpoints
  • Fixed: Reordering of items upon pickup
  • Fixed: Crash in BaseLoadoutManagerComponent when the cloth has an invalid area occluder in data
  • Fixed: Switch to the third-person camera was sometimes not working
  • Fixed: Crash possible on replicated entities due to hitzones getting released too early
  • Fixed: Crash on accessing AttachmentSlotComponents of weapons
  • Fixed: Crash if sway modifiers are wrongly configured
  • Tweaked: Better default particles (disappearing less radically)
  • Added: Container opening sounds to vehicles and traversing


  • Fixed: Muzzles not synced entirely when streaming could cause broken hit registration
  • Fixed: Player disconnection was possible when a replicated entity was released from replication and made a part of another replicated entity
  • Fixed: BattlEye was accidentally enabled even for servers with it disabled
  • Changed: HitZones no longer replicated, replication routed via the parent hitzone container
  • Changed: Updated BattlEye binaries
  • Added: A2S bind address can now be configured independently from replication itself


  • Fixed: Xbox communication device handling, consistent with device permissions
  • Fixed: Changing the microphone when the default device is edited while in game


  • Fixed: Gamepad combos were not displayed properly in the keybinding menu
  • Fixed: Rebinding certain actions were not setting proper input filters
  • Tweaked: Smoother input curve for aiming using a gamepad
  • Changed: Split VONToggle into separate actions, using VON of another type will now cancel the original if toggled
  • Changed: Push to talk is now on press instead of delayed hold
  • Added: Weapon inspect keybindings and default bindings adjusted to Ctrl+R / RB + X, grenade slot binding to View + B
  • Added: Ability to rebind Hint, Hint details, Objectives, and Current objective
  • Removed: Default joysticks bindings until joystick rebinding is supported


  • Fixed: Inverted controller vertically didn’t work with helicopter pitch action
  • Changed: NavmeshEditorTool to allow saving of parts of navmesh
  • Added: Rework of serialization system
  • Added: BinSerializationContainer for serialization
  • Added: Support for modding of parts of navmesh
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