Marauders “Pirate Rank” Quest Guide

Advanced Resupply is a quest in Marauders, and it’s the sixth quest of the Zero to Hero questline. The quest asks you to examine the Merchant Frigate Engine.

Pirate Rank Quest Details


Come here! I get the feeling you want more in life… The crew and I have a little initiation for the swabs that want to move up the ranks. Why don’t you sneak aboard one of those merchant ships and take a peek at their engine.


  • Examine the Merchant Frigate Engine 0/25


  • $3250
  • 140 XP
  • 100 Pirate Faction XP
  • Unlocks Cosmetic Outlaw


Merchant Frigate Ship
Merchant Frigate Ship

This quest asks you to go to a particular map where you can find the Frigate Engine. Once found, all you need to do is inspect it for 25 seconds, so it’s no biggie at all. Ok, so first and foremost, the Merchant Frigate is a ship that doesn’t spawn anywhere. You might be taken to a few raids before you find it (you’ll be able to distinguish it by its red lights). The only way to get inside of it is by breaching. Therefore, make sure you park your ship at a hidden location and go to your Breaching Pod.

Once breached, if you’re lucky enough, you may spawn right on top of it. Usually, the first ones to breach the Ship are spawned in the Engine room, which is located just under the control room. If you don’t spawn there, then a tip would be that the engine is on the lowest ship level. Another tip is to follow the red lights, they would usually lead you to the control room, which is just above the ship.

Once you get there, you need to hold your interact button for 25 seconds on it. Hence, you can bring a friend to cover you. This is what the engine looks like:

Merchant Frigate Engine
Merchant Frigate Engine

If you’re still having trouble, make sure you check the video posted by RogueMonkeyJr below.

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