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Hunt Showdown 1.12.1 Patch Notes

Crytek has rolled out the latest Hunt: Showdown update, version 1.12.1, for both PC and Console platforms. This update brings several adjustments to the Wildcard Contract feature alongside a handful of bug fixes. You can find the complete patch notes below:

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.12.1 Changelog

Wildcard Contract Experiment

In this release, the Wildcard Contract has undergone further adjustments as we plan to run them again and continue our experiment around separate contracts. Players who choose the Wildcard option will be placed on a random map and will only encounter single Boss Targets during nighttime. Furthermore, players will only have the option to play against trios to help streamline waiting times. In addition, the Wildcard Contract now offers an increased Bounty Bonus of 300 per extracted token!


  • Fixed an issue that caused FPS drops when closing the map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Match Found” and “All Servers Occupied” banners to disappear after switching tabs.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the base ammo of special weapons (IE: Hunting Bow and Crossbow) from progressing Challenges or Quests, like “Kill an enemy with special or custom ammo” and “Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any Custom Ammo or Special Ammo”.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused environmental elements to disappear when a Hunter was revived.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed poison clouds to deal excessively high damage to AI per damage tick.
  • Fixed an issue that enabled 5 consumables to be in a Hunter’s inventory after looting static saddles.
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