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Hunt Showdown Update 1.14 is now Live, Patch Notes and More

Crytek has released Update 1.14 for Hunt: Showdown, packed with new features, tweaks, and more. This guide will walk you through the critical elements of the update, from custom ammo boxes to unique traits and gameplay adjustments.

Below you can find the complete patch notes.

Hunt: Showdown 1.14 Patch Notes


Custom Ammo Box

The Custom Ammo Box is a new interactive Ammo Box that can be found in the bayou during Missions. They allow Hunters to swap their active ammo type in their selected weapon with one from a box. These new boxes can be found at Supply Points, Watch Towers, and Hunting Towers in both Bounty Hunt and Soul Survivor. Unlimited versions can also be found in the Shooting Range.

Available Ammo Types

Each ammo type listed below can be found in Custom Ammo Boxes:

  • FMJ
  • Dumdum
  • Explosive
  • High Velocity
  • Incendiary
  • Poison
  • Spitzer

Boxes containing bullets can be used while holding any valid weapon across all available ammo sizes, for example the Incendiary box can be used with weapons that can equip Compact Incendiary, Medium Incendiary, or Long Incendiary.


  • Dragonbreath
  • Flechette
  • Pennyshot
  • Slugs


  • Explosive Bolt
  • Frag Arrow
  • Poison Arrow
  • Poison Compact Bolt

Using a Custom Ammo Box requires a hold interaction, similar to looting a Saddlebag or dead Hunter. This accounts for the time it takes a Hunter to unload their weapon. The interaction time lasts between 1-8s based on how much ammo is currently loaded in the weapon.

When you swap ammo types, all previous excess ammunition you carried in that weapon will be lost and the weapon will be fully emptied. When the interaction is complete, you will replenish the same amount of ammunition of the new type as you would from an Ammo Box consumable.

Interacting with a Custom Ammo Box when already having the same custom ammo type equipped will allow you to take the ammo from the box instead of swap. For example, interacting with an Incendiary Swap Box while Incendiary ammo is already equipped on your current weapon will replenish all Incendiary ammo pools rather than swap out the ammo type.

Weapon Inspect

Weapon Inspect is a new action that can be triggered during Missions that allows a Hunter to view their equipped weapon in greater detail.

This feature will come in waves, the first of which includes:

  • All Pistols (Single and Dual Wield)
  • All Melee weapons (including Tools)
  • World-spawned weapons (Sledgehammer, Lantern, Bear Trap, etc.)
  • Special weapons (Crossbow, Hunting Bow, Bomb Lance, etc.)

Additional weapons will receive their own Weapon Inspect animations in future updates.

Triggering the action can be done by pressing the ‘Weapon Inspect’ input. The default bindings for supported platforms are:

  • PC – ‘I’ (can be customized like other PC inputs)
  • XBOX – Y (when the Weapon Wheel is open)
  • PS – ‘Triangle’ (when the Weapon Wheel is open)

Once triggered, any inspect animation can be instantly interrupted by most other gameplay actions (Aiming, Attacking, Quickswap etc.)

Developer’s Note:

Weapon Inspect has been a highly requested feature by many in the Community, and we are very happy to deliver this first batch. Due to the large workload of hand crafting each animation, we chose to release them in batches.


Razer Chroma

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Razer Chroma effects in Hunt! If you have Razer products, you can now use a number of pre-made effects. These will be expanded upon in a future update, as well.

Razer Chroma Effects have been added for the following actions:

  • Default Chroma Effect while in a match of Hunt.
  • While in Dark Sight.
  • When interacting with a Clue or Rift.
  • When your Hunter bleeds.
  • When your Hunter is burning.
  • When your Hunter is shooting.
  • When your Hunter is melee attacking.
  • When your Hunter is walking through water.
Flash Bomb Rework

The Flash Bomb is one of the strongest, most effective Consumables in any Hunter’s arsenal. With these changes, we hope to bring it more in line with other Consumables:

  • The Flash Bomb now requires a short preparation before it can be thrown.
    • This is supported by a new priming animation and sound.
  • Bulwark now decreases the duration of the flash.
  • Hunters who are flashed and have Bulwark will not give a hit marker to the thrower.
  • The full flash screen color has been slightly adjusted to be less straining for the eyes.
  • The Flash Bomb has been removed from Dark Tribute and Challenge rewards.
  • The Flash Bomb can no longer be found or looted in Missions.
  • Recruited Hunters will not come with Flash Bombs anymore.
Developer’s Note:

With the new priming mechanic on the Flash Bomb, players will have a better chance to react to the Consumable, similar to the process of navigating thrown explosives. Additionally, the change to Bulwark allows the player to be better prepared against Flash Bombs, and the change to the color of the full flash screen will offer players a gentler experience when getting fully flashed.


  • For Riposte attachments, the vertical melee angle for light melee attacks was slightly adjusted to be better aligned with the animation.
  • Added the Drilling and LeMat Mark II UpperMat sounds to the Chaos Bomb and Chaos Bolt.
  • Adjusted the Shredder ammo for the Nitro:
    • No wall penetration beyond 41m (excluding wire meshed).
    • Can only penetrate thin walls.
    • Reduced damage after a second wall penetration.
    • Reduced one-hit kill distance to the upper torso on a Hunter up to 58m.
  • Resupply changes to the Quad Derringer and Flare Pistol:
    • The Quad Derringer now resupplies with Ammo Crates and the Ammo Box Consumable.
      • 8 Bullets from the Ammo Crate.
      • Full refill from the Ammo Box Consumable.
    • The Flare Pistol now shares an ammo pool with Starshell ammo and refills with Special Ammo Crates.
  • Increased the regeneration speed on the Regeneration Shot and Regeneration Shot (Weak) to be the same as the normal health regeneration. Increased their prices by 20 Hunt Dollars each.
    • The Regeneration Shot now costs 105 Hunt Dollars (was previously 85).
    • The Regeneration Shot (Weak) now costs 40 Hunt Dollars (was previously 20).
  • Adjusted the stamina consumption on several melee weapons:
    • All Brawler variants: light melee has been reduced from 10 to 7, and heavy melee from 25 to 15.
    • All Talon variants: heavy melee has been reduced from 50 to 45.
    • All Trauma variants: heavy melee has been reduced from 50 to 45.
    • All Bayonet variants: heavy melee has been reduced from 40 to 30.
    • All Riposte variants: heavy melee has been increased from 25 to 30 to be on par with Bayonet variants.
    • All Claw variants: light melee has been reduced from 25 to 22, and heavy melee from 34 to 28.
    • Combat Axe: heavy melee has been reduced from 34 to 33. (This does not affect any Axes found in the world.)
  • Increased the spare ammo on the Bornheim and its variants from 10 to 15.
  • Increased the flying speed for the Choke Beetle and Stalker Beetle.
  • Slightly increased the recoil on the Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine to make it harder to control.
Developer’s Note:

After the recent changes to the Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine, we saw positive responses to the recoil changes; however, it was also too easy to control. We have made another small adjustment to make it slightly more difficult to keep the weapon on target after each shot.


Conduit will now trigger for all teammates who currently have the Trait equipped when anyone in the team fully interacts with a Clue. This change reduces competition between teammates and makes Conduit a viable pick for the whole team. However, to account for this increase in usability, some additional adjustments have also been made:

  • Increase to 5 Upgrade Points from 4.
  • Stamina reduced to 3 minutes from 5.
  • No longer triggered by picking up the Bounty Token (only Clues).
Developer’s note:

Since its last change, we have seen Conduit become an overall very useful pick for both Teams and Solos, and these changes help to bring a better balance between usefulness and cost. Additionally, we have removed the trigger on picking up a Bounty Token, as we would like to see Conduit focus more on being the ‘Clue Trait’ and Magpie as the ‘Bounty Token Trait.’

Decoy Supply
  • Decoys, Blank Fire Decoys, and Decoy Fuses can now all be resupplied at Special Ammo Crates.
Shadow (Burn Trait)

Familiar to those who have taken part in recent Live Events, Shadow is now returning permanently as a new Burn Trait. As a Burn Trait, Shadow cannot be purchased in the Upgrades screen, and instead can only be found during a Mission—either through a rare world spawn or dropped from a killed Meathead.

  • Shadow – Monsters can’t see you, but they can still hear you. Burns when your Hunter is downed.
Hunter Slots
  • Increased the max amount of Hunter slots to 75 from 50.
Restoration changes

With Update 1.13, a clarity pass was applied to the effects that fully restore your Hunter, by adding a Restoration Ticker which denoted the effect. Now with Update 1.14, this is further enhanced by adding additional signposting with audio-visual effects on the source (e.g. the Boss Target corpse on Banish) and all receivers (e.g. all Hunters on the team that initiated the Banish). Players can now locate enemy Hunters who have just received a Restoration with some careful attention; on the other hand, it can reveal your location if you are the recipient.

Weapon Prices
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Bayonet decreased to 507 Hunt Dollars from 540.
  • Springfield M1892 Krag Bayonet decreased to 391 Hunt Dollars from 426.
  • Winfield M1873 Musket Bayonet decreased to 87 Hunt Dollars from 137.
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Bayonet decreased to 115 Hunt Dollars from 155.
  • Specter 1882 Bayonet decreased to 211 Hunt Dollars from 223.
  • Springfield 1866 Compact Striker decreased to 47 Hunt Dollars from 56.
  • A consistency pass has been made on bullet crack audio for High Velocity ammo in order to better reflect its speed. Medium High Velocity Ammo on silent weapons now plays the generic bullet crack used on other silent weapons. All other Medium High Velocity Ammo now plays a specific High-Velocity bullet crack.
  • Added new audio assets for grabbing bullets while reloading handguns.
  • Priming a Flash Bomb is now louder—around the same volume as priming a Dynamite Stick.


  • Rotjaw now notices Hunters up to 20m around her and will enter the water upon noticing them.
  • Reduced damage from blunt melee attacks by 10%.
  • Reduced damage from piercing melee attacks by 15%.
  • Reduced damage from explosives by 10%.
New Legendary Content
  • Caldwell 92 New Army – Tainted Resin (900 BB)
  • Crossbow – Myth Killer (500 BB)
  • Dynamite Stick – The Overcall (500 BB)
  • Dusters – Flesh Pleater (500 BB)
  • Frag Bomb – Loaded Arbor (800 BB)
  • LeMat Mark II Carbine – Nocturnal Lament (900 BB)
  • Nagant M1895 Silencer – Poseidon’s Whisper (600 BB)
  • Romero 77 Handcannon – Grace and Grit (1.000 BB)
  • Sparks LRR – Trident’s Teeth (500 BB)
  • Springfield M1892 Krag – Mother’s Howl (900 BB)
  • Hunter – The Waldmann (1000 BB)
  • Hunter – The Scarecrow (1500 BB)
  • Updated the Shooting Range to include Custom Ammo Boxes and weapon pickups for the Drilling and LeMat Mark II UpperMat.
  • Removed the two barricaded doors that separated the mines and the construction building at Kingsnake Mine.
Combat log
  • Damage dealt shortly after death is now shown.
  • Added a toggle to filter AI-related events.
Loading screens
  • Added new loading screen content and images.
  • Minor loading time improvements on some hardware configurations with slow HDD and CPU configurations.
New Equipment

During the Tide of Corruption Event, the newly added Equipment outlined below will be unlocked by progressing through the Event. Once Tide of Corruption has ended, this Equipment will be moved to the regular Bloodline Progression.

  • Baseball Bat – 20 Hunt Dollars
  • Berthier Mle 1892 Marksman – 580 Hunt Dollars
  • Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision – 425 Hunt Dollars
  • Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision Deadeye – 453 Hunt Dollars
  • Springfield 1866 Bayonet – 54 Hunt Dollars
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Cyclone – 535 Hunt Dollars
  • Derringer Pennyshot – 72 Hunt Dollars
  • Fire Beetle – 57 Hunt Dollars
Custom Ammo
  • Nagant M1895 – Dumdum Ammo
  • Nagant M1895 Officer – Dumdum Ammo
  • Scottfield Model 3 – Dumdum Ammo
  • Scottfield Model 3 – High Velocity Ammo
  • Springfield 1866 – High Velocity Ammo
  • Winfield M1876 Centennial – Dumdum Ammo
Black Market Content Update

All three stores in the Black Market have been reset.

System Improvements

Landing a fatal blow on an enemy Hunter with a damage source that would normally apply bleeding, poison, or burning now also progresses the following Challenges:

  • Make enemy Hunters bleed.
  • Poison enemy Hunters.
  • Set living enemy Hunters on fire.
Challenges Pools Update
  • Pool 2
    • Smash Pumpkins
      Developer’s Note:

      This Challenge is only available during the Tide of Corruption Event.

  • Pool 4
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any variant of: Caldwell 92 New Army.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any variant of: Nagant M1895.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any variant of: Winfield M1873.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any variant of: Winfield M1873C.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any variant of: Caldwell Rival 78.
    • Make enemy Hunters bleed.
    • Poison enemy Hunters.
    • Set living enemy Hunters on fire.


  • Pool 1
    • Changed to ‘Choke Cloud’ from ‘Choke Bombs’ in the description of the ‘Kill Immolators with: Choke Cloud’ Challenge.
    • Added ‘Knuckle Knife’ to the description of the ‘Kill Immolators with: Dusters or Knuckle Knife’ Challenge.
  • Pool 2
    • Added secondary objective ‘Close Rifts’ to the ‘Collect Clues or Close Rifts’ Challenge.
    • Renamed ‘Trait Charms’ to ‘Trait Spurs’ in the description of the ‘Acquire Traits from Trait Spurs’ Challenge.
  • Pool 3
    • Added ‘Hand Crossbow’ to the description of the ‘Deal damage to enemy Hunters using: Crossbow or Hand Crossbow’ Challenge.
    • ‘Hunting Bow’ is now singular in the description of the ‘Deal damage to enemy Hunters using: Hunting Bow’ Challenge.
  • Pool 4
    • Added secondary objective ‘Soul Survivor’ to the ‘Extract with a Bounty or be the Soul Survivor’ Challenge.
    • Added Rotjaw to the conditions of the ‘Perform Clean Sweeps’ Challenge.
    • Added ‘Fire Beetle’ to the conditions of the ‘Deal damage to enemy Hunters using: Stalker Beetle or Fire Beetle’ Challenge.
    • Reduced the requirement amount of the ‘Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any variant of: Bornheim No. 3’ Challenge, from 300 to 250.
    • Reduced the requirement amount of the ‘Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any variant of: Martini-Henry IC1’ Challenge, from 400 to 375.
  • Pool 1
    • Kill Grunts with: Melee Damage.
    • Kill Immolators with: Poison Damage.
  • Pool 2
    • Kill Meatheads with: Explosive Damage.
  • Pool 3
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using: Stalker Beetle.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using: Dragonbreath.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using: Explosive Ammo.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using: Flechette.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using: Penny Shot Ammo.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any variant of: Nagant M1895 Officer.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using: Frag Bomb.
    • Deal damage to enemy Hunters using any variant of: Specter 1882.


  • Fixed an issue that blocked Rotjaw Clean Sweeps from progressing the Clean Sweep Challenge.
Combat Log
  • Fixed a visual issue that showed heath regeneration affecting incoming damage.
  • Fixed a visual issue when kill-trading that resulted in a broken Death Screen.
  • Fixed a visual issue that showed a broken Death Screen when dying to the Wellspring Zone in Soul Survivor.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked Serpent from working correctly in Quickplay.
Shooting Range
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused Hunters to be pushed below the map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused assets to pop in when loading into the Shooting Range.
  • Fixed an issue that unequipped Weapon Charms upon Prestige.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Teams of 2 button to be not grayed out when queuing against Teams of 3.
  • Players are now correctly notified of receiving an instance of a weapon when unlocking a Legendary skin for that weapon.
  • All Legendary Hunters are now correctly shown in the Recruitment – Legendary Hunters tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Rotjaw Bounty Icons to disappear during and after spectating.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a ping to occur when a Player was typing in text chat and used the ping keybind.
  • Fixed weapon spread from being too accurate while jumping.
  • Fixed an issue that caused contraband status of picked-up weapons to be lost in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a visual bug that showed a double shell ejection on the LeMat Mark II UpperMat.
  • Fixed the Nitro Express Rifle friendly fire damage reduction amount.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a delay when trying to immediately reload the Sparks LLR and variants after a shot in ADS.
  • Fixed an issue that caused your equipped weapon to drop to the ground if the interaction of looting a weapon from a saddlebag is interrupted.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some throwables to disappear if a Hunter died while cooking them.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Bomb Lance Waxed Frag Charge to penetrate thin walls.
  • Fixed some incorrect weapon stats.
  • Fixed the Explosive Crossbow in the Trial “Excult Over Downfall.”
  • Adjusted Rotjaw spawn behavior to ensure a minimum distance to Extraction Points.
  • Fixed Rotjaw Traces from appearing incorrectly active after Reconnecting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Target whispers to stay red if an enemy Hunter extracted within the radius.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused hold interactions to randomly fail.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly showed new Challenges after Reconnecting.
  • Fixed a visual issue that caused partner loadout information to be lost after Reconnecting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused burned Health Chunks to not be properly removed.
  • Fixed an issue that played the wrong audio when stepping onto the top of a ladder.
Stillwater Bayou
  • Alice Farm: Closed off the attic of a building that allowed Hunters to see through the roof.
  • Blanchett Graves: Fixed a visible black texture.
  • Chapel of Madonna Noire: Fixed a blinking asset in the basement.
  • Cypress Hut: Fixed floating grass.
  • Cyprus Huts: Updated the road leading to Pitching Crematorium.
  • Darrow Livestock: Adjusted one of the fence gates to prevent Hunters from getting pushed into the wall.
  • Lockbay Docks: Adjusted the position of a box by the big Family.
  • Lockbay Docks: Fixed a texture issue on the floor of the basement.
  • Port Reeker: Widened a hole in the roof of a small hut, towards the south side.
  • Reynard Mill & Lumber: Closed off an unintentionally accessible area on the south side building.
  • Slaughterhouse: Fixed a dead pig model floating in the air.
  • Slaughterhouse: Adjusted the collision around some hay bales.
  • Stillwater Bend: Closed off the attic of a building that allowed Hunters to see through the roof.
Lawson Delta
  • Arden Parish: Fixed a piece of Scrapbeak Boss Target dressing sticking through the roof.
  • Arden Parish: Fixed a doorframe that was de-rendering at a short distance.
  • Arden Parish: Closed a one-way peek crack.
  • Blanc Brinery: Fixed a floating extraction vehicle on the north side.
  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: Moved some crows to different spots.
  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: Closed off an unintentionally accessible area.
  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: Fixed the LOD on a ramp.
  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: Adjusted the collision around the doors in the side building.
  • C&A Lumber: Closed off an unintentionally accessible area.
  • Goddard Docks: Fixed some floating vegetation and objects towards Maw Battery.
  • Godard Docks: Fixed an AI navigation area.
  • Lawson Station: Fixed some floating vegetation and objects at the construction site building.
  • Lawson Station: Moved some trees around in the eastern forest.
  • Maw Battery: Fixed some misaligned Spider Boss dressing.
  • Maw Battery: Fixed some flickering walls.
  • Nicholls Prison: Fixed some crows clipping into a railing when Scrapbeak is present.
  • Nicholls Prison: Switched out a wrongfully placed lamp.
  • Nicholls Prison: Closed off an unintentionally accessible area.
  • Salter’s Pork: Fixed a duplicate wall.
  • Salter’s Pork: Fixed some floating grass.
  • Windy Run: Made the roof entrances smoother.
  • Windy Run: Blocked off a spot where you could get stuck in one of the side-buildings.
  • Darin Shipyard: Blocked off a spot you could get stuck in.
  • First Testimonial Church: Fixed some floating assets.
  • First Testimonial Church: Moved a sledgehammer that wasn’t able to be picked up.
  • Fort Bolden: Added a missing ladder.
  • Fort Bolden: Blocked off a spot where you could get stuck.
  • Kingsnake Mine: Blocked off a spot where a Hunter could vault through a roof.
  • Kingsnake Mine: Fixed an unintended sight line.
  • Lower DeSalle: Smoothed some vault spots.
  • Pearl Plantation: Moved some Saddle Hitchposts.
  • Pearl Plantation: Fixed some floating vegetation.
  • Reeves Quarry: Fixed a red barrel clipping through the ground.
  • Seven Sisters Estate: Fixed some broken glass on top of a roof.
  • Seven Sisters Estate: Fixed some visual bugs on the ground.
  • Stanley Coal Company: Blocked off a spot where you could get stuck.
  • Upper DeSalle: Removed some invisible colliders on top of the wall around the bank building.
  • Weeping Stone Mill: Made it possible to crouch-walk off the elevator when it’s on the ground.
  • Weeping Stone Mill: Adjusted the LOD on a cart.
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