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Hunt: Showdown September 6 Update, Backend Maintenance and more

In a recent series of tweets, Crytek revealed that its popular multiplayer game, Hunt: Showdown, would experience scheduled maintenance on both PC and console platforms. Here’s what you need to know.

For PC Hunters, Crytek announced a maintenance period for September 6th at 9 am CEST, with an estimated downtime of 2.5 hours. This was followed by a small client patch that users were required to download.

On the other side, Console Hunters were told to expect downtime later the same day at 2 PM CEST, also with a 2.5-hour estimated period.

No New Content, But Necessary Upkeep

Crytek made it clear that this maintenance update does not include any new content. Instead, the focus was solely on general upkeep and backend improvements to ensure the game runs smoothly.

Extended Downtime Due to Technical Issues

The company later updated its players stating that they had to extend the maintenance period due to some technical issues. The extension added approximately 1.5 hours to the initial 2.5-hour window.

Servers Now Back Online

As of the last update, the servers for both PC and console platforms are now back online, with the Crytek team thanking players for their patience during this necessary maintenance.

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