Niantic Sued by an Asian Female, Accuses Niantic of Creating a “Boys Club” and Being Paid $10,000 Less

Trainers, Niantic’s future is not looking good, and all of this comes after learning about a lawsuit, filled by an Asian female former employee at Niantic.

A former Niantic employee filed a lawsuit against Niantic. The lawsuit accuses Niantic of devaluing female workers, women of color, getting paid more than $10.000 less, and creating a “boys club.” Thanks to the Verge, we learned that the lawsuit is filed by an Asian female, who started working at Niantic in 2020.

Now, here comes the fun part. After working at Niantic for a year, she found out the male employees are getting paid more than the female employees, and found out Niantic was paying her less. Well, the less is $10.000. She then spoke to the management only to find out that “they and male upper management at Niantic were hostile to her complaints or voiced concerns about sexism or sexual bias in the workplace.”

Oh wait, we are not done here. The management had a meeting, and right when she thought someone would finally listen, all hope when down when she found she was getting paid less because she had raised concerns with other employees.

To learn more about the complaint against Niantic, feel free to check out this document.

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  1. I doubt it. Sounds like another person taking advantage of their “protected people group” privilege.

    The irony is that this stuff hurts women, how many of these schemes before people stop believing women?

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