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Pokemon Go Plus+ Auto Catch Glitch Allowing to Catch Pokemon With Ultra Balls and Great Balls While Auto Catch Is Off

Update: Trainers, this glitch allowed the Go Plus+ to catch Pokemon using Great/Ultra Balls when auto catch is off. This can be seen in the video below. This glitch has been fixed with update version 0.277.1. See the video below:

It is a rare sighting to see a bug in Pokemon Go to be useful. Not to be confused, Pokemon Go is full of bugs, bad ones.

A video on YouTube appeared by PokeAK, kudos to him for being dedicated this much to report to fellow Trainers, and in the video, he says that he has discovered a “bug” regarding the newest Pokemon Go Plus+ device regarding the Auto Catch option.

In order for this all to work, first you need to enable the Auto Catch feature that comes with the device. Then, you need to catch a Pokemon with it. The next step is crucial, and what you need to do is go to Settings, and turn off Auto Catch and pick either Great Ball or Ultra Ball. After that, the Pokemon Go Plus+ device will start catching Pokemon with these balls. Automatically, your catch rate will go up and up. Even when the Auto Catch is off, it will still catch with the selected balls.

Take advantage of it before Niantic finds out and fixes it. Keep in mind that you will be running out of balls fast, so make sure to earn as many Balls as you can.

What do you think about this? Has this worked for you? Share it with us in the comments below.

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  1. The flip side to this glitch, in my experience, is that if auto catch is on and great or ultra ball is selected, it won’t catch anything. It will go through the motions, but it was only when I turned auto catch off, that it started catching with great and ultra balls.

    Works the opposite with regular balls; auto catch is on and regular balls are selected, and it will catch.

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