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Pokemon Go PokeStop Showcases to Return on July 9, 2023 Niantic Support Confirms

Trainers, the Niantic Support Twitter account revealed the date for the next Pokemon Go PokeStop Showcases.

Niantic and Pokemon Go launched the first wave of PokeStop Showcases for their 7th Anniversary Party event. The first Pokemon to enter PokeStop Showcases is Squirtle. Please bear in mind that PokeStop Showcases run for a short time, and once over, you will be rewarded based on your rank.

Now, just like every other new feature introduced in Pokemon Go, PokeStop Showcases is bugged too, and some players didn’t get a chance to see PokeStop Showcases. This was a global issue. Some players couldn’t see PokeStop Showcases, while nearby players could. Niantic and Pokemon Go are still investigating the case, and hopefully, they will fix the issue before the next PokeStop Showcases.

The next wave of PokeStop Showcases is expected to go live on July 9, 2023, as per Niantic Support.

What are your thoughts about the PokeStop Showcases? Do you think the new feature is fun? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. It is again single play feature. Why did Niantic introduce Campfire without new social content? The only shadow raid is Arcticuno over the whole season. Noone is interested. We don’t need routes and contests – we need new local multiplayer features to give Campfire sense.

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