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Pokemon Go Weedle Defending a Gym for Over Six Years, The Longest Time any Pokemon has Stayed in a Gym

Pokemon Go, the popular mobile augmented reality game, has seen its fair share of impressive accomplishments and milestones. However, one Reddit user, Graulithe, recently shared a remarkable achievement that caught the attention of the Pokemon Go community. A Weedle, a common and seemingly insignificant Pokemon, has been comfortably sitting in an “extremely remote” gym for a staggering 2200 days, which is over six years. This unprecedented feat has left players in awe and raises questions about the strategies and circumstances that contributed to this extraordinary gym defense.

Gyms in Pokemon Go serve as territorial arenas where players can battle to gain control and claim rewards for their defending Pokemon. Graulithe’s Weedle found itself in a gym located in a remarkably remote and isolated area, away from the bustling streets and busy city centers. In this overlooked corner of the game world, the humble Weedle became an unlikely guardian and a symbol of determination.

What sets Graulithe’s Weedle apart from typical gym defenders is the fact that it has been left unfed for an extended period. In Pokemon Go, defenders in gyms require regular feeding to maintain their motivation, which affects their ability to defend against attacks. However, Weedle seemed to defy the odds, remaining resilient even without the support of berries and snacks.

In the world of Pokemon Go, defenders in gyms are tasked with holding their ground against rival teams. As long as a defender remains undefeated, it continues to accumulate “defender days,” representing the duration it has held the gym. Weedle’s impressive 2200-day reign is a testament to its unyielding spirit and its commitment to the silent duty of defending its territory.

Sorry for being a few days late this year. Weedle has surpassed 6 years in a gym.
by u/Graulithe in pokemongo

As Graulithe’s Weedle captures the attention of the Pokemon Go community, players wonder if this remarkable achievement sets a new world record for the longest gym defense in the game’s history. While there have been instances of long-standing defenders before, Weedle’s 2200-day streak is a notable feat that has drawn admiration from players worldwide.

Weedle’s story transcends its status as a common Pokemon. It has become a symbol of tenacity and perseverance, reminding players that even the most unassuming characters can achieve greatness when placed in the right circumstances. It has also sparked discussions among players about the potential strategies to replicate such impressive gym defenses.

Is this the world record for holding a Gym in Pokemon Go?

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