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Pokémon GO What are Zygarde Cells and Zygarde Cube?

Trainers, Zygarde is a fascinating Pokémon that has captured the imagination of Trainers and researchers alike. Living deep in a cave, it is believed that Zygarde monitors and safeguards the delicate balance of the ecosystem. In this article, we will explore the enigmatic nature of Zygarde and the intriguing concept of Zygarde Cells that contribute to its unique abilities.

Zygarde possesses the remarkable ability to change its appearance based on the number of Zygarde Cells it has gathered. These cells form the core of Zygarde, and some theories suggest that they might possess a form of life of their own. As you explore the Pokémon world, you might stumble upon a Zygarde Cell while traversing a Route. Collecting these cells is essential to unlocking Zygarde’s full potential.

To facilitate the collection and management of Zygarde Cells, Trainers have access to a device known as the Zygarde Cube. This cube acts as a nest for Zygarde Cells, providing a secure and organized way to hold and control these vital components. With the Zygarde Cube, Trainers can alter Zygarde’s form, enhancing its capabilities and adapting to various challenges.

In its Complete Forme, Zygarde’s power reaches awe-inspiring levels, capable of overwhelming even legendary Pokémon like Xerneas and Yveltal. Achieving the Complete Forme is the ultimate goal for Trainers who seek to unleash Zygarde’s full potential. However, it requires a comprehensive understanding of Zygarde Cells and their manipulation.

Aspiring Trainers can embark on a Special Research journey titled “From A to Zygarde.” This captivating storyline offers a deeper insight into Zygarde’s origin, purpose, and its connection to the Pokémon world’s ecological balance. Throughout the quest, Trainers will encounter various challenges and puzzles that involve gathering Zygarde Cells and learning about Zygarde’s mysteries.

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