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Pokemon Go Players Making Routes Using Drones or While in an Airplane, The Route Meets the Exploration Requirements

Niantic continues to push the boundaries of augmented reality gaming, offering players new ways to explore and engage with their communities. One such innovation is the introduction of Pokemon Go Routes, a feature that allows Trainers to create paths showcasing interesting locations in their cities.

To set their Routes in motion, players can submit them through Pokemon Go. Once submitted, Niantic’s team undertakes a review process to ensure the Route meets the game’s guidelines and standards. While Niantic officially states that the review process may take up to 24 hours, some players with early access to the feature have reported occasional delays. In addition to community-driven Routes, Niantic and official partners can also create and introduce their own Routes in Pokemon Go.

Among the vast array of Routes created by Trainers and Niantic alike, one player stumbled upon a Route that captured everyone’s attention – the straightest Route ever made and officially approved. After the player shared their discovery with the Pokemon Go Reddit community, the thread became incredibly popular. Many amusing responses were posted, making it the most popular thread currently.

Trainers were curious about how this unique Route came into existence. Some suggested that someone cleverly used a drone or while in an airplane to map out the path, given its perfectly straight trajectory.

As discussions continued, some Trainers couldn’t help but wonder about the possibilities that Routes could unlock. Although it may seem unlikely to travel between countries via Routes, this feature has sparked discussions about how players can use it to connect with nearby communities or discover new places they may not have considered before.

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  1. Your fourth paragraph ends abruptly. “How abo”. Hilarious that they’d say they have someone verify each route, but I bet they have bots approving some if that 8km straight route got approved.

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