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Pokémon GO September, October, and November 2023 Community Day Pokemon Leaked

Trainers, Hidden Gems is concluding, and a fresh Season awaits. Spanning three months, the upcoming Season promises new events, new Pokémon, Shiny variants, bonuses, and more excitement.

A Pokémon GO Season, much like the seasons of the real world, is a transformative phenomenon that sweeps across the game’s landscape, ushering in a fresh wave of experiences. These virtual seasons mirror the ebb and flow of nature, cycling through winter, spring, summer, and autumn in three-month cycles, accompanied by sweeping changes and remarkable features.

Among the highlights of these vibrant seasons are the eagerly anticipated Community Day events. As we step into this new Season, brace yourselves for not one, not two, but three Community Days that are set to captivate trainers across the globe. These Community Days are scheduled for September, October, and November 2023, each promising unique opportunities for adventure, discovery, and Pokémon encounters that are sure to leave an indelible mark on your journey.

And now, a touch of excitement is in the air. Thanks to a timely leak that’s ignited discussions within the Pokémon GO community, we’ve caught a glimpse of the potential Community Day Pokémon lineup for the upcoming months:

  • September 2023 Community Day: Get ready to spend quality time with Grubbin.
  • October 2023 Community Day: Timburr.
  • November 2023 Community Day: Double the Fun with Wooper and Paldean Wooper. Trainers, Get Ready to Catch ‘Em Both This November.

But that’s not all, there’s another exciting treat in store for trainers. The Community Day Classic Pokémon, Mareep, is set to make a grand return. This special event, set to unfold in November 2023, will allow trainers to reconnect with this beloved Electric-type Pokémon and relive the excitement that accompanies a classic Community Day celebration.

As the sun sets on the Hidden Gems Season and we eagerly anticipate the dawn of a new Pokémon GO Season, it’s evident that the adventure is far from over. So, gather your Poké Balls, charge your devices, and prepare to embrace a new wave of excitement, challenges, and camaraderie in the world of Pokémon GO. As trainers, we stand at the threshold of a fresh Season, poised to write new stories, forge new bonds, and conquer new horizons. Stay tuned for more updates as the new Season’s excitement unfolds.

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  1. Paldean Wooper is not Wooper’s evolution. It’s a regional form.
    Palawan Wooper->Clodsire

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