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Pokemon Go Some Players Want the Removal of the Gift Opening Limit During 7KM Egg Events, Others Prefer Guaranteed Eggs from Gifts

Trainers, we wanted to bring attention to a recent thread on the official TSR that caught our eye. We fully support the community’s suggestion of removing the limit on opening Gifts or adding an Egg to every Gift during Pokemon Go events that highlight 7KM Eggs.

Pokemon Eggs, obtained from PokeStops, Gifts, or Team Go Rocket, offer a chance to discover and collect new Pokemon species. Out of all the eggs available, the 7KM ones are highly desired because they can hatch rare and special Pokemon. However, recent discussions within the Pokemon Go community have shed light on some concerns related to the process of obtaining 7KM Eggs through Gifts.

Pokemon Eggs serve as mysterious treasures found at random from PokeStops, Gifts, or defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader. Trainers can carry a maximum of nine eggs in their inventory. The 7KM Eggs, though exclusive to Gifts, are highly desirable because of the diverse Pokemon species they can hatch.

Hatching a Pokemon Egg requires the trainer to place it in an Incubator and walk a specific distance. Once the required distance is covered, the egg will appear on the screen with a curious “Oh?” message. A simple tap initiates the hatching animation, revealing the newly hatched Pokemon. Along with the joy of hatching a new Pokemon, trainers are rewarded with a set of valuable resources. For 7KM Eggs, this includes 1500 XP, 800 to 1600 Stardust, and 10 to 21 Candy.

Recently, a Pokemon Go player shared their thoughts on The Silph Road (TSR) forum, sparking a debate within the community. They proposed that during events centered around 7KM Eggs, Niantic should remove the Gift Opening Limit. The argument is simple: trainers want to make the most of these events by hatching as many 7KM Eggs as possible, and the limit is not helping at all.

When there is an event that centers on 7km eggs, Niantic should remove the gift opening limit
by u/evilmirai in TheSilphRoad

While some players stand firm on the complete removal of the Gift Opening Limit, others present a reasonable alternative. The suggestion is that if Niantic is unwilling to completely remove the limit, they should at least guarantee that every Gift provides a 7KM Egg during these 7KM events.

As it stands, Pokemon Go players face a daily limit of opening 30 Gifts. This limitation, while intended to balance gameplay, has become a point of argument during events that emphasize 7KM Eggs. Many players have expressed frustration when attempting to participate fully in these events, only to be hindered by the Gift Opening Limit.

The Pokemon Go team has acknowledged the discussions surrounding the 7KM Eggs, but we still wait for an official statement.

What are your thoughts on removing the limit on opening Gifts during 7KM Egg events? Additionally, would you support the idea of receiving a guaranteed Egg from every Gift?

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