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Pokémon GO latest ban wave targets accepted community nominations, be careful when submitting PokeStops, Gyms, and Routes

Trainers, we’re back with a critical update on a topic we touched upon at the beginning of this month, 30-day bans for submitting ‘non-compliant’ Wayfarer nominations in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO players who have been submitting Wayfarer PokeStop nominations are finding themselves on the receiving end of a 30-day account suspension. This is, to say the least, a bit puzzling. Why is Niantic choosing to suspend Pokémon GO accounts when they could be targeting Wayfarer accounts instead? The question is as crucial as it is baffling.

In our previous report, we discussed how players submitting nominations that don’t align with Wayfarer’s guidelines were being handed a 30-day ban. The bans continue to roll out, but what exactly constitutes a violation? Why are these bans being issued, and what is the underlying reason?

From what we’ve gathered, these bans appear to be primarily linked to nominations that have been accepted by the community and are already in the system. This adds another layer of complexity to the situation: Why are accepted nominations leading to account suspensions?

In light of the current situation, our advice is to hold off on submitting any new PokeStops, Gyms, or Routes until further clarity emerges. There’s still no detailed information on what’s triggering these bans, and until there is, it’s better to err on the side of caution to keep your account in good standing.

We’re interested to hear your perspective on this ongoing issue. It’s a confusing and worrying time for those who actively participate in the Wayfarer program, and collective insights might help us get to the bottom of it faster.

While there’s still much to learn about why these 30-day bans are being issued for Wayfarer nominations, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Keep your accounts safe, Trainers, and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to dig deeper into this pressing matter.

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    1. Iv flagged one for business closed for over a year. It keeps getting denied. And one the business moved. 10 mins down the road into a new “town” not same zip or town name. Different address. And the report keeps getting denied so the stop is still in the old spot. Almost a year later.

  1. If you are waiting for exact details on how Wayfarer nominations work, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    Still don’t know why I’m in the “Fair” limbo, where they will let me rate things, just not give me credit toward my badge for it. I don’t play that way.

  2. This is ridiculous, isn’t that the whole reason to have it reviewed is to meet tge standards. I can review nominations and I try to be fair as possible as well as spending days going around and submittingnew request as well simply to try and help my local pokemon community. I am a rural player and truly know how certain areas could use a boost. Since reading this I guess I won’t help the community anymore. I won’t be wasting time making nominations and judging the new ones either. Like I said I truly try to be fair, but everytime I submit suggestions 99% of them get told no. What’s amazing about this is most are the same as several spins from around the United States that have been approved in a different area, such as thrift stores, memorial bench, local pizza places ect. , but mine are always declined. It baffles me to see that others are accepted and mine which is basically the same is not. Your telling me it’s OK over here but not here. And to be punished for helping is very ridiculous. If I get banned for helping would be the end of my pokemon days and I would do everything I could to bring them down as well, they think the 200 employee recent layoff was bad. How can actual great playing locations get turned down, but turning tombstones at cemeteries is ok. Sure if the decedent was a player might of felt privileged to have one there is ok, but most that I’ve seen have passed away way before pokemon existed and not to mention the app creators, (not worth mentioning their name). This story many more that have been going around the last year or so makes it really hard not to delete it my self. This game is a great game and has potential to be around areally long time, but they do t care if they run it into the ground. Sorry for the rant, but just tired of the same old crap from them.

  3. It really isn’t that hard to understand. People are submitting crap that’s clearly not eligible as waypoint. Trashcans, traffic signs, private residential property, schools etc. All just to have a homepoint or a bunch of local waypoints to farm ingame items. They’re abusing the submitting for ingame advantages.

    Player that deliberately submit these junkpoints should really understand that Niantic isn’t having it.

    Those waypoints getting accepted is a separate issue and should be dealt with as well. Perhaps even harsher.

  4. Iv quit the game a long time ago I not be playing no more they banned my main account after some one stole the info for it then blamed me for something they did on the account so they banned me I went to sign in to change all the details after setting an email up so got in contact with niantic 2 times 2 accounts both differnt from each other and they are determined to keep my main account blocked the other account was my mums she gave up since they blocked me and we not be playing niantic silly games no more the more people that stop playing the better niantic not listen now maybe they will listen when they only have 100 people playing at the end of it give it a month or 2 no one will want to play ya stupid game you block every one niantic get a grip of ya lifes will ya as your destroying comminties and people lifes with blocking accounts for no reason you need to fix you game and fix the random blocks you keep giving out for no reason

  5. Imagine if this diabolical firm put this much effort into stopping spoofers . Who ever is in charge of ninantic needs firing . Bans players who walk about catching … yet does nothing about spoofers . absolute farce of a company

  6. It seems there is less and less incentive to create nominations. Even before these bans I found the process extremely frustrating and not even close worth the time and effort put into it. Nominations get declined with completely arbitrary reasons and even approved nominations disappear from the map without any explanation what so ever. Now that there is a risk of a ban, I’m pretty sure I’m done for good with nominations 🙁

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