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Pokemon Go player hits Level 40 in 11 hours, buys only Lucky Eggs

In an astonishing feat that’s lighting up the Pokémon GO community, content creator Poke Daxi has shattered expectations by skyrocketing from level 1 to level 40 in a mere 11 hours. That’s right, just under half a day. This incredible milestone comes hot on the heels of the newly launched Adventures Abound Season, rich with XP bonuses that players can capitalize on.

Poke Daxi, known for offering invaluable Pokémon GO tips and tricks, embarked on this leveling marathon and shared snippets of the journey via Twitter. The speed of his achievement left many in the community stunned; he was able to ascend to level 40 faster than anyone could have predicted.

Key Takeaways from Poke Daxi’s Sprint to Level 40

  • Kicked off a brand-new Pokémon GO journey on September 13
  • Reached Level 40 just 11 hours later
  • Made the most of XP events during the Adventures Abound Season
  • Relied on consistent Excellent Throws for XP boosts
  • Invested only in Lucky Eggs to maximize XP gain

As if conquering this challenge wasn’t enough, it’s worth noting that Poke Daxi spent money solely on Lucky Eggs to facilitate his rapid leveling. This resourceful approach magnifies the feat, underscoring the player’s strategic grasp of the game mechanics.

Poke Daxi’s journey serves as an inspiration to trainers worldwide. If a gamer of this caliber can achieve such an impressive milestone within the framework of a single day, just think of the possibilities open to every player during the Adventures Abound Season. So, trainers, it’s time to gear up and set your own records. The sky is the limit.

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    1. About 97 hours if you could maintain the same rate of xp gain.


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