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Pokémon GO tips and tricks, community-shared insights to improve your game

Trainers, a new trend has started in one of the largest Pokémon GO Community groups on Facebook, and it’s all about sharing tips and tricks to elevate your gameplay. While the original post started off small, the comment section has exploded with useful advice, covering topics like raiding, mastering Excellent Throws, leveling up, and so much more.

We’ve gathered some of the best tips for you here, but we also highly recommend joining the group to dive deeper into this treasure trove of knowledge.

Below, you will find crucial tips and strategies to keep in mind while playing Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO essential tips and tricks every Trainer should know

  • Evolving for Medals: Evolving Pokémon with XXS and XXL size attributes counts towards your catch medals.
  • Quick Battle Hearts: Start a training battle and immediately quit to earn a battle heart for your buddy.
  • 10-Person Raid Invites: Invite 5 people to a raid, wait for the button to refresh, and then invite 5 more.
  • Be a Good Raid Host: If a raid fails, re-invite participants so they can use their existing remote raid pass.
  • Excellent Throw Practice: Use Smeargle and a Pinap Berry for easier excellent throws.
  • Berry to Stardust: Excess berries? Feed them to Pokémon in gyms for stardust.
  • Small-Town Solutions: Use family accounts or friend accounts for trades, especially during Community Days with poor IVs.
  • IV Rerolls: Trade Pokémon to potentially reroll their IVs for better stats.
  • XP from Evolutions: Evolve common Pokémon like Pidgeys and Starlys to rack up XP.
  • Lucky Egg Timing: Use Lucky Eggs strategically when your friend status changes for extra XP.
  • New Size Medals: Evolve XXL and XXS Pokémon for a relatively new medal.
  • Trading for Badges: Trades involving XXL and XXS Pokémon count towards your badges.
  • Stardust Farming: Use Stardust Fragments and feed gym-stationed Pokémon berries for a chance to earn candies.
  • Save Eevee: Don’t waste the Eevee name trick, especially if you need specific Eevee evolutions for leveling.
  • Purify Before Deleting: Always purify shadow Pokémon for medals.
  • Mass Evolution for XP: Save up 125 Pokémon and evolve them during a Spotlight Hour with a 2x XP boost.
  • Team Rocket Shortcuts: Simply start and then quit a Team Rocket battle for it to count in tasks.
  • Pokémon Facing: Pokémon you’ve clicked on will face you, helping you distinguish them in a nest.
  • Quick Gift Opening: Open gifts rapidly by clicking ‘Open’ and then the invisible X at the bottom of the screen.
  • Postcard Management: Pin and immediately unpin your postcards to avoid cluttering your book.
  • Don’t Max Out Early: Save maxing out Pokémon until level 46 to fulfill tasks.
  • Two-Star to Three-Star: Purify a two-star dark Pokémon to potentially get a three-star.
  • Multi-Buddy Leveling: Rotate your buddies daily to level up multiple buddies more efficiently.
  • Cheap Power-Ups for Tasks: Use low CP Pokémon for cost-effective power-ups.
  • Maximizing Lucky Eggs: Use Lucky Eggs strategically around your 7-day streak and mass evolutions.
  • Quick Catch Method: Learn the quick catch technique for faster Pokémon catching.
  • Defender Search: Use the search term “defender” to see which Pokémon are in gyms.

Joining the Facebook community group is a great way to stay in the loop with all these tips and more. Don’t miss out on this wealth of information, especially if you’re serious about your Pokémon GO game.

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  1. 1 – Tag your mass evolve Pokemon as ‘EVO” then search on “EVO & !EVOLVE”. After you evolve a Pokemon to their final evolution, they will drop out of your search list, so you won’t waste time scrolling.

    2 – Mega evolve Pokemon to Mega Level 3, and always have one of those o. When out grinding. Pidgey (fling normal) are great for coverage, but it depends on the event.

    3 – Use websites to find friends from overseas. Lots of them, and then work hard to gift them up to best friends.

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