Diablo 4 is Coming to Steam on October 17

After bringing Overwatch 2 to Steam, Blizzard Entertainment is ready to release another big title, Diablo 4, on Valve’s digital storefront. The game will become available in less than two weeks, and has already stirred up excitement among fans. This release is critical for Blizzard, as they aim for a more successful reception than their previous Steam launch.

The news about Diablo 4’s upcoming launch on Steam was made during the most recent Developer Update stream for the game. Not only did Blizzard confirm the Steam release, but they also let fans know they won’t have to wait long. The game is scheduled for release on October 17, and its Steam page is already up and running.

Blizzard’s decision to launch Diablo 4 on Steam is especially noteworthy given the poor reception that Overwatch 2 faced on the platform. Overwatch 2 quickly became the worst-reviewed game on Steam, collecting many negative reviews from players. This has pressured Blizzard to deliver a more satisfying gaming experience with Diablo 4.

Although Blizzard is dealing with the after-effects of Overwatch 2’s poor reception, the company can bounce back with Diablo 4. Even though there are slim chances for that, we believe it will be as terrible as with Overwatch 2. The game already has a solid fan base and is popular on other platforms, which could bode well for its upcoming Steam launch.

For those who can’t wait for the Steam release, Diablo 4 is already out on several other platforms. Players can enjoy it on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Blizzard’s service.

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