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Dota 2’s Crownfall Update is live, but The Ringmaster is missing

As we have said earlier today, Dota 2’s Crownfall update is finally here. Thanks God my calculations were okay though! The update is around 1.30GB on Steam, but sadly, The Ringmaster isn’t here. Also, there are some insane new sets and Arcanas, including a set for Meepo, and Arcanas for Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage.

Also, there’s a new way to grind for rewards, and from what it seems, it’s not a Battle Pass, but we can classify it as one. There are multiple Acts to unlock, and they’re likely to be coming in the near future. You can check that in the video below.

Sadly, I cannot find any detailed patch notes, but this is what Valve posted on the official Crownfall page.


Playing games of Dota during the Crownfall event will earn you tokens. Playing as different heroes will earn you different token types.


Use tokens to unlock paths through the overworld map, progressing the story and earning rewards. Look out for special encounters like the Token Trader and the Candyworks Caravan!


Collect treasures, candy, Crownfall Coins, and more as you battle to dethrone the evil Queen Imperia.

For over a decade now, Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit have been ambiguously entwined. Eagle-eyed players noticed that they come from the same town, seem to have related backstories, and might even be dating. Pretty mysterious stuff.

Earlier, we dropped a comic that solved those mysteries, but introduced an even bigger one: “Why are you posting comics instead of updates?”

We can now reveal the answer: Because we’ve just released The Markets of Midgate, the first act of an ongoing story event called Crownfall, filled with legendary heroes and unique rewards. In this act alone, you can expect dozens of new cosmetic sets, taunts, creeps, emoticons… are we forgetting anything? Oh right, and two brand-new Arcana, one for each of Crownfall’s main characters.

So what is Crownfall? It’s something completely new that we’ve wanted to try for a while. And when we say new, we mean – a new way of telling stories, offering rewards, and making it more fun to win every game of Dota. And it’s available right now to all Dota players for free.

Honestly, it’s a little hard to describe in a tiny blog post. But luckily, the description is exactly website-sized. Go read the details here. Or, if you’d rather just play instead of hearing us describe it, boot up the game and enter the world of Crownfall for yourself.

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