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Five-star and Mega Raids last minute changes, Douse Drive Genesect and Mega Houndoom dates update

Trainers, it appears that November is off to a rocky start for Niantic and Pokémon GO. The rollouts, which usually flow smoothly, seem a bit tangled this month, with last-minute adjustments throwing trainers off course.

Entering November 2023, we were all geared up, expecting certain raids to pop, specific Pokémon to make their grand appearances in Pokémon GO. The calendar was marked, and trainers were ready to dive into battles with Douse Drive Genesect and Mega Houndoom, set to dominate the Raids starting November 2, 2023. The anticipation was real, the strategies were laid out, and then, a curveball.

A swift, last-minute change saw the dates shuffled. Instead of the grand entrance on November 2, the Raid Bosses, Douse Drive Genesect, and Mega Houndoom, took a step back, rescheduling their debut for November 3, 2023. It’s like waiting for the main act to appear on stage, only to find out there’s been a delay.

We’re adaptable, we Trainers can roll with the changes. But these little hiccups? They tend to dim the excitement, turn down the volume on the anticipation. We’re left, Poké Balls ready, looking at our screens and wondering, “What’s next?”

It could be a minor misstep, a tiny glitch in the vast, vibrant universe of Pokémon GO, but it does make us wonder, what’s up with November, Niantic? Here’s to hoping they sprinkle a little something extra our way to make up for the rescheduling. So, trainers, if you could ask Niantic for a make-good, what would it be? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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