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How to beat Giovanni November 2023, Shadow Pokémon and counters in Pokémon GO

The final boss, the final attack. It all depends on this, your fate in Pokémon GO.

Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni, is the hardest member to beat. To be honest, I have shed some tears whenever I went up against him. If you think that beating the whole Team GO Rocket Leader Team, wait until you get this one to battle.

After quite some time, Giovanni has decided to change its “main” Pokémon, and until now, that Pokémon was Mewtwo, but it is officially replaced by Shadow Regigigas. Cue the confetti, because we are more than excited to get an encounter with Regigigas.

The best line-up to beat Giovanni is Terrakion, Kyogre and Galarian Darmanitan. This means that your team should have a Fighting-type, a Water-type Pokémon and Ice-type attacks.

Now, without a further ado, here is Giovanni’s line-up and counters in November 2023.

Giovanni Shadow Pokémon line-up and counters

  • Pokémon 1 – Persian
  • Pokémon 2 – Nidoking, Rhyperior, Garchomp
  • Pokémon 3 – Shadow Regigigas

Giovanni Pokémon counters

  • Pokémon 1 – Terrakion, Lucario, Machamp
  • Pokémon 2 – Mewtwo, Kyogre, Glaceon, Kartana, Galarian Darmanitan, Dragonite
  • Pokémon 3 – Terrakion, Machamp, Lucario, Pheromosa

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