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Escape From Tarkov Arena 0.14.1 Patch Notes

The latest update for Escape From Tarkov Arena, version 0.14.1, brings a host of exciting new features, gameplay mechanics, and balance changes that are set to redefine the combat experience in the game. You can find the patch notes below.

Escape From Tarkov Arena 0.14.1 Patch Notes

New content

Chop Shop

A new location Chop Shop has been added to the game: a car repair shop in the industrial zone of Tarkov. It used to be the place where stolen cars were stripped for parts to sell, but now it has become a gunfight arena.

This compact location for violent fast-paced battles is available for Shootout 2×2 and Shootout 3×3 modes.

Changes and new mechanics

Ranked matchmaking changes:

  • Now when searching for players, it matches you based not only on the ARP, but also on the average Meta Points of presets purchased in previous matches.

Vaulting and obstacle interaction

  • Obstacle vaulting has been added to the game;
    • There are two types of vaulting:
    • Climbing the obstacle and remaining on it. For example, climbing a crate to fire at the enemy from top of it;
  • Vaulting over an obstacle. For example, jumping over a small fence to take a shortcut.
  • Each of these types has different animations for different heights, different parameters of stamina and arm stamina consumption, and different action speeds, depending on the negative effects;
  • During a sprint, you can jump over obstacles without the goal of climbing them (Vaulting);
  • If vaulting is performed while walking, the loudness of such actions will be noticeably lower than jumping and sprinting;
  • For the convenience of overcoming obstacles an option has been added to the game settings: “Vaulting over medium obstacles”, where you can choose “Auto” or “Hotkey”. If you select “Auto”, your character will climb over medium and low height obstacles by himself. If you select “Hotkey” you will need to press the “Jump” key to initiate vaulting, but this way you can control the character’s actions more precisely;
  • The character now stops if he hits a wall while walking or sprinting.

Please note that Arena locations are not fully adapted to the vaulting mechanics yet, so we ask you to report any issues you find. Locations will be finalized early next year.

Shoulder transition

  • The ability to move firearms from the right shoulder to the left shoulder and back has been added to the game. This can be useful when you want to fire from the left side while behind cover;
  • Shoulder transition is available during walking, crouching, leaning, and other actions;
  • Shoulder transition is not available while prone and overhead and side blind firing;
  • Positioning the weapon on the left shoulder imposes a penalty – the weapon has additional sway when moving.

Controls settings

Warning: All controls settings have been reset to default.

  • Added “Shoulder transition” action, default key is “Mouse4”;
  • Added “Vaulting” action, default key is “Space”, press type is “Continuous”;
  • The “Jump” action has been reassigned to “Spacebar” key with “Release” press type. Try these controls settings in-game before changing them.

New recoil mechanics

  • The recoil mechanic has been improved to make it more realistic and comfortable for players. A special emphasis has been placed on improving the feel of semi-auto and short burst shooting;
  • New recoil mechanic now includes a variety of flexible settings, allowing for balance adjustments based on analytical data and player feedback;
  • Recoil parameters have been rebalanced for all weapons available in the game.

Economy changes

Cash rewards

  • The cash reward for winning in all modes has been increased:
    • For matches with starter presets (Meta Points (MP) below 300), the reward value has been increased by 10% compared to similar matches in the last patch;
    • For matches with advanced presets (MP above 600), the reward value has been increased to 47% compared to similar matches in the last patch;
    • In addition, in ShootOut 2×2 and ShootOut 3×3 modes, the reward values have been further increased and are now 15% higher than in Teamfight mode;
    • Reward values in ShootOut 3×3 mode have been balanced relative to ShootOut 2×2.


  • Experience rewards have been increased for:
    • Kill: from 100 to 250;
    • Headshot kill: from 150 to 250;
    • Double kill: from 100 to 150;
      • Awarded in addition to the experience reward for two kills;
    • Triple (or more) kill: from 150 to 200;
      • Awarded in addition to the experience reward for three or more kills;
    • Objective capture in Teamfight mode: from 150 to 300;
    • Objective capture in ShootOut 3×3 and ShootOut 2×2 modes: from 100 to 200;
    • Defeat in Teamfight mode: from 3000 to 3500.
  • Experience rewards have been decreased for:
    • Teamfight:
      • Victory: from 6500 to 5500.
    • ShootOut 3×3:
      • 1st place: from 6700 to 5500;
      • 2nd place: from 4200 to 3500;
      • 3rd place: from 3200 to 2500;
    • ShootOut 2×2
      • 1st place: from 6800 to 6000;
      • 2nd place: from 4000 to 3500;
      • 3rd place: from 3500 to 3000;
      • 4th place: from 3000 to 2500;
      • 5th place: from 2500 to 0.

This change will allow players to gain more experience if they performed well in a match but did not win.


  • Amount of received rating has been changed for:
    • ShootOut 2×2
      • 1st place: +30
      • 2nd place: +15
      • 3rd place: -5
      • 4th place: -15
      • 5th place: -25
    • ShootOut 3×3:
      • 1st place: +30
      • 2nd place: +15
      • 3rd place: -15
      • 4th place: -30

Balancing changes to presets

Balancing adjustments have been made to the following presets:


  • Hexatac HPC armor has been replaced with NFM THOR Concealable Reinforced Vest.


  • The durability of the FORT Redut-M armor has been reduced from 80 to 56.


  • FN Five-seveN MK2 pistol ammunition has been changed from 5.7x28mm SB193 to 5.7x28mm SS190;
  • Added SureFire X400 Ultra flashlight.


  • PP-9 “Klin” submachine gun 20-round magazines have been replaced with 30-round magazines.


  • HK MP5 submachine gun 20-round magazines have been replaced with 30-round magazines;
  • Reduced the number of extra magazines from 4 to 2;
  • Added 20 rounds of 7.62x51mm M62 ammunition to the inventory.


  • SR-2M “Veresk” now comes installed with Zenit Klesch-2P flashlight with laser
  • Added ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x scope to the inventory

List of changes

  • Game systems have been optimized to increase FPS in systems with weak CPUs;
  • Reduced the loudness of sounds in KillCam;
  • Reduced the loudness of music between rounds;
  • Disabled Killcam after death from a cleanup crew;
  • Fixed the issues with environment culling on various locations;
  • Fixed an issue causing some players to jump out of the spawn area before the gates were open;
  • Fixed the issues causing the Killcam to display incorrectly;
  • Fixed an issue causing scopes on weapons to display incorrectly in Spectator mode;
  • Fixed an issue where a group would start matching without a member who had not left the previous game. The group member would not receive a confirmation notification for the found game;
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s character’s hands were displayed incorrectly in the spawn area, causing the use of weapons to be unavailable until the end of the round;
  • Fixed an issue in the matchmaker where when a player lost connection to the game, the matchmaker would not reset the match and players could play the match with an incomplete match-up;
  • Fixed an issue where players on the losing team who closed the game on the final statistics screens did not lose rating and money;
  • Fixed an issue that caused players added as friends to not be displayed in the friends list;
  • Fixed several UI issues related to incorrect display of information and text in tooltips.
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