Rumor: God of War’s Original Trilogy Poised for a Grand Return

As the echoes of Kratos’ mighty battle cries still resonate in the hearts of gamers, there’s an exciting rumor whirling around. The legendary God of War original trilogy, known for its epic storytelling and groundbreaking gameplay, might be making a grand return, remastered for the modern era.

The God of War series, a cornerstone of Sony’s gaming empire, has been a massive success, particularly highlighted by the recent triumph of God of War: Ragnarok. The franchise’s popularity is undisputed, with over 15 million units sold worldwide and the critically acclaimed Valhalla DLC. However, there’s a growing nostalgia for the original trilogy that introduced us to the brutal world of Kratos and his mythological adventures in ancient Greece.

Co-founder of XboxEra, Nick Baker, ignited the rumor mills in a recent podcast, suggesting that a remaster of the original “God of War” trilogy is in the works. While details are sparse, and Baker admits to not being “100 percent sure” about an official announcement in 2024, the possibility has sparked excitement and speculation among fans.

The remastered trilogy is rumored to be coming to PlayStation, though it remains unclear whether it will be exclusive to PS5 or available on PS4. This uncertainty adds an extra layer of anticipation among the gaming community, which eagerly awaits more concrete details.

It’s worth noting that God of War 1 and 2 received an HD makeover in the God of War Collection on PS3, and God of War 3 launched natively on the same platform. The God of War Saga, which includes the first three games along with Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, further showcases the series’ rich history of upgrades and remasters.

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