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Enshrouded gets update #2, v0.7.0.2 patch notes

Enshrouded received a new patch, v0.7.0.2. The patch adds stability, improvements, and more. Several things have been fixed, including the addition of security measures that have been implemented to prevent issues and better protect save games in case of failures. For the complete patch notes, check below:

Enshrouded Patch #2- V

Stability and performance

• Fixed several rare crashes.
• Added more security to the saving process to avoid issues with saving, and better protection of the save game in case there is a failure.
• Reduced the CPU load for idle servers.
• Improved performance in large player bases and large crop fields.

Multiplayer and Servers
• Fixed an issue that could prevent joining a server when the previous session was cancelled or crashed.
Game world
• Redistributed roaming enemies in several areas for improved balancing.

• Fixed more cases of enemies with incorrect levels for the region that they are found in.
• Fixed an issue where a Flame Altar near a Shroud Root could lead to the fog in the whole world disappearing. (this isn’t how you’re meant to save Embervale)
• The game now prevents save points being activated when they are in deadly shroud.
• Fixed an issue that could lead to wax and honey spawning in the player base without having to harvest a hive first.
• Polished several points of interest.
• Tweaked the sounds from Vultures. (we heard you

and them!

loud and clear)
• Fixed several issues with incorrect ambient sounds.
• Fixed an issue with music in dungeons being muted after combat.
• Fixed the timings of the traps in Spires in multiplayer sessions.


• Fixed cases where the saving of crops when quitting and restarting the game world did not work properly.
• Increased the stamina cost for the jump attack.
• Fixed an issue where players climbing on walls and ladders could interfere with each other. (even though it was funny)
• The water aura no longer heals when the player is dead.
• Reduced the amount of twigs needed to craft arrows.
• Increased the yield of twigs from grown bushes.
• Increased the yield of feathers from their sources.
• Lowered the amount of Flax needed to craft high end armor sets. (it was maybe a bit

too much

• Lowered the amount of the resources needed to craft decorative books. (not all books are the Wheel of Time)
• Castle Wall blocks now have the same maximum stack size of 5000 like other building blocks.
• Fixed cases where open doors would block arrows or other projectiles.
• Fixed some rare cases where looted weapons had an incorrect item level.

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