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Pokémon GO One Finger Fast Catch trick

Fast catching has always been a thing in Pokémon GO. It is such a big thing that Niantic is doing everything in their power to prevent it. But you know, the game had an update, and with every update, some bugs are coming live.

I am sure you can agree with me that it is a true hassle when it comes to catching Pokémon. You need to find one, then click on it, then click on the Berry tab, select the berry, throw it at the Pokémon, then choose a PokéBall, and finally, throw it at the Pokémon. If the Pokémon manages to escape the ball, you need to do the whole process again. Just by typing this I got tired. Imagine trying to do that ten times today.

Well, a bug has appeared in the game, which many Trainers call One Finger Fast Catch. A fellow Trainers has explained on Reddit in detail of how the trick works, and this is the one bug I am not urging Niantic to fix. It is such a good trick, and my fingers surely appreciate it a lot.

To get this trick to work, you need to have Pokémon GO opened, obviously. Then, click on your Pokémon storage, and choose whichever Pokémon you want. Enter the Snapshot AR, rotate the Pokémon a little bit and then exit the Snapshot AR.

The next step you should do is to find the Pokémon in the wild, which is obviously on your screen, and enter the catch screen. There, you should hold down the button you use to select a Berry. At that very same place, a PokéBall should appear, and then throw it like normal. At the same time, the Berry selection should come up, but you should tap the screen to close that tab. Then, press the run button. And then, voila, you have caught the Pokémon without the painful process.

Keep in mind that there might be other problems, such as a problem when feeding Pokémon in Gyms with Berry, as well as Gym Battles. If this happens, all you have to do is restart the game, and it will all go back to normal.

This is a very handful trick, so take advantage of it before Niantic fixes it, which should be soon.

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