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Pokemon Go Pokemod’s Platform Reveals Data on 2km, 5km, and 10km Shiny Egg Hatches during Go Tour Global

Trainers, the famous Pokemod Group released a list of egg hatches and shiny rates for 2km, 5km, and 10km Eggs during Go Tour Sinnoh, using their internal testing platform. They collated the results and shared them with the Pokemon Go community on X.

The Pokemod Group are well-known miners, who always make sure to update us with any changes to the Pokemon Go GM files. They always share correct information, so we believe that the shared numbers regarding egg hatches and shiny rates for Go Tour Sinnoh are also correct.

Niantic and Pokemon Go announced that the chances of hatching a shiny Pokemon from eggs will be increased, but it looks like someone forgot to press the “shiny button.”

These numbers are very small to get a shiny Pokemon from eggs. Imagine, you need to hatch 60 10km eggs to get a Shiny Pachirisu, Shiny Chatot, or Shiny Carnivine. Each of these Pokemon had a 1/60 shiny chance to hatch from a 10km Egg.

Pokemon Go Egg Hatches and Shiny Rates for the Go Tour Sinnoh 2024

2km Eggs

  • Budew: 1.34% or 1 in 70
  • Chingling: 1.47% or 1 in 70
  • Bonsly: 1.46% or 1 in 70
  • Mime Jr.: 1.70% or 1 in 60
  • Happiny: 1.23% or 1 in 80
  • Munchlax: 1.73% or 1 in 60
  • Riolu: 1.46% or 1 in 70
  • Mantyke: 1.55% or 1 in 60

5km Eggs

  • Hisuian Voltorb: 1.99% or 1 in 50
  • Hisuian Qwilfish: 1.41% or 1 in 70
  • Stunky: 1.28% or 1 in 80. Really Niantic?
  • Gible: 1.46% or 1 in 70

10km Eggs

  • Pachirisu: 1.61% or 1 in 60
  • Chatot: 1.59% or 1 in 60
  • Carnivine: 1.76% or 1 in 60

This is something they need to pay attention to. Stunky and Shiny Stunky made their debut but were nowhere to be found, and now we know why.

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