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AereA Release Date And Gameplay

AereA is a music-themed action RPG game for PS4, where the player’s mission is to restore peace in the world.

As announced by the developers, AereA is set to release on PlayStation 4 on June 30. A few weeks ago, at EGX Rezzed, AereA was present to the public and got a very good review from the audience.

aerea release date

Everything in the game is about music. Starting from the characters and weapons to the enemies and bosses in the game.

The players will have a chance to explore a music-filled world and “The Great Separation”. Basically, the players have to bring back the peace in the 3 islands and bring them back together.

As a player, you will be fighting bosses in the game. On the battlefield, each boss has a different music. So, when you fight a boss, you will hear a specific instrument every time.

What I find very interesting is that the bosses weapons are the exact same instrument from the soundtrack. Sounds cool, right?

Take a look at the gameplay trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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