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Free Elder Scrolls Online Weekend For Xbox One Owners

Starting from Wednesday, Xbox One owners with Gold membership will have their chance to play Elder Scrolls Online for free for five days.

eso free

Free Elder Scrolls Online weekend as announced by Bethesda. This event starts on Wednesday, November 23 and will last until Sunday, November 27.

After the starting time which will be at 12:01 AM EST you can download the Elder Scrolls Online from Xbox Store from your system. Have in mind that Elder Scrolls Online needs 80GB space. So you have to make sure that you have available space in order to download it.

But it is not only the free access to the game. You will get 500 crowns to get anything that you want from Crown Store. And if you see something that cost more than 500 crowns, you will have crowns on sale too.

If you want to play the game after this weekend, you will have to buy the full game. During this event the game will be on discount as well. And don’t worry, all the saves and achievements from the free event will be transferred to your account.




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