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How to Boost Dota 2 Solo MMR?

I am pretty sure there are thousands of people asking themselves how to boost Dota 2 Solo MMR. Well, if you are getting pissed off while playing the game, you are not going to increase your MMR. The only reason I am telling you this is because recently I boosted my MMR easy. Imagine this, all the professional players play Dota 2 at high skill level, but what if you are at 3k MMR?

Well, there is one chance you can get out of there, and this is it. A lot of players want to play as a carry. Carry is not the way to boost your MMR. Maybe back in the days when Leshrac was OP, it was easy to play with him on the mid lane and carry the game at the same time. But nowadays, where the hero pool at the tournaments like Dota 2’s The International 6 went sky high, which means a lot of heroes were picked and banned, there is no chance you can win the games by playing at POSITION 1 and farm, farm, farm and farm throughout the whole Dota 2 match.

You need to contest the team fights. Contest the big team fights as much as you can. If their carry is farming, you will farm too, but if he’s off the minimap, then you better carry your tp scroll and be ready to teleport as soon as the team fight goes on.

Tips on how to boost Dota 2 Solo MMR?

Let’s get on the main path. Everyone love to boost their MMR by just watching the game. The other ones are ordering some services for someone else to increase their MMR. So, what? You think that will make you learn Dota 2 more by playing against more experienced player later? No! Do not play carry. Pick support. Let the random guy carry the game. If he is terrible at last hitting, tell him to try to last-hit better. There are no needs for you to raise the alarm. Continue to babysit him until you feel comfortable to go and gank the POS 2 player who is the MID Player. At least this worked for me.

Do not play a core player. Pick a support

  1. You can avoid playing a carry if you do now know how to evaluate the game and have total map awareness. By this, I mean, it’s 1000 times better to learn how to play Earth Spirit and help your carry players. Pick support. For the beginning, let’s say that Lion is excellent support. If you cannot learn how to play with Earth Spirit, then Lion is everything you need. Lion is always good. Why? All you need to do is hex someone, then stun, then use ult. It is also suitable for an early game ganks too.
  2. Carry a tp scrolls. TP scroll for a support player is a must! Whenever a gank is going on the map, especially after the mid player, you better teleport instantly. Maybe you are going to turn the fight around.
  3. Observe the pick and make sure you tell your players not to pick jungle heroes. If there is a jungle player on your team, you better choose a solid counter for the offlaner, because the game might go bad. You are minus one player since the very beginning.
  4. Determine if you are going to play POS 4 or POS 5. By playing POS 5 if your people say the map is black and you need wards, buy them instantly, because warding is indeed one of the most critical parts in this game.

Conclusion: When you mark playing support in Dota 2, your team feels a little bit more relaxed since the beginning. They are already satisfied with the warding and courier in the very beginning.

Stop being a tryhard

You are winning the Dota 2 game hard, and it’s entertaining for you, but guess what, the other team is off the minimap. Do not try to gank solo if you are not sure the whole team is not there. This is one of the reasons people are selling their perfect games in Dota 2. Let’s say you have won a big team fight and the other team is respawning in 20 seconds, but you feel greedy, and you still want to take the tier 2 tower. You killed three guys; two guys are alive standing behind the tower. You won the team fight but now you are low on mana and hp, and you are still there hitting the tower. The other guys will respawn and guess what? All of your advantage from the previous team fight is gone by dying to the enemy team.

Watching individual high MMR streamers

I do agree you can learn a lot by just watching professional players streaming while playing Dota 2. But guess what? None of the players in 3k are doing the same, so you should be expecting something different. You cannot assume that he will do exactly what AdmirallBulldog or W33 did. So, prepare your mindset and play in your bracket. As you scale up and get higher MMR, you can start adapting to a new playstyle. In Dota 2, every bracket has its playstyle. You need to know how to predict it.

Try watching a 3k MMR game. I mean the whole game. Then start searching and play a match. I do think you are going to do a lot better.

Stupidity and getting mad

I know there is a lot of stupid players and also players who are getting mad easily. Well, you are not that kind of guy, not at the moment after reading this article. You should try and be the sixth player in the team by trying to bring peace and give them some opinions and options on where’s your next fight and how should it occur.

Are you losing by far?

Do not panic, Dota 2 is a game you should never give up. You never know what is going to happen. Your number one priority is the guy with the highest net worth on the other team. So gather your group, buy smoke and try to get him. Throw everything you can on that guy do not spend your ults. That’s all you need, avoid the team fight and go back, you already achieved and earned a lot of gold.

That’s all I can give you right now. Are you a Dota 2 Lover? Tell us how your game went after reading this article. Dota 2 is an enjoying game, stop being mad. Feel free to revisit us for more tips and take care.

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