The King Of Fighters XIV: Release Date, Info And Comparison

The King Of FIghters XIV is an upcoming fighting game in King Of Fighters series developed and published in Japan by SNK. It is being developed for PlayStation 4. Atlus USA will publish in North America, and Deep Silver in Europe in close dates. The game is notable as the first main-series The King of Fighters game rendered entirely in 3D, in contrast to previous installments which used 2D raster imagery.

Info and comparison with older King Of Fighters series:

King Of Fighters 98 is the first game in the KOF series. The combos are easy, the damage is high and the characters are all easier to play. The game  is based on basic fundamentals. Characters like Ralf are designed to be played using the strength of the normal attacks. The subsequent 4 years however, changed everything.

King Of Fighters 99 have the Striker system, but it is more than that. It saw an overhaul of a large portion of the roster and the new characters are all designed for a complex gaming. Rhe new MC is not a straight forward sword, he is more a dynamic – timing based – beat down character with some limited zoning options and a great set of skills.

King Of Fighters 2000 expand on the Striker concept, but also have some of the more technical characters the game have ever seen at that point. Not only that, the combos got insane. With the help of the Strikers, some characters can easily do 100% damage with enough special distance and Striker attacks.

King Of Fighters 2001 had the ratio system and went totally overboard with the character difficulty. Many of the most technical and hard characters to play came from that game. Just look at Angel, that is in XIV, to see what kind of mentality SNK (or Eolith) had back them.

King Of Fighters 2002 took the Strikers away, but in its place we got the Cancel System. A normal if cancelable, can be cancelled into command move or a special move. The command move can be cancelled to a special move or DM, if cancellable and cancelled into. This remained in the game until King Of Fighters XIII, were it got it own bar and became even more integral to the combo system.

With that in mind, think about this:

King Of Fighters XIV won’t have the Striker system, the Cancel system and the Ratio system. Also, the new MAX mode is closer to a damage buff than it was to free cancels – even if it is through the access to EX moves.Luckily, we kept some of the hard-to-play characters from 99-2001, since those are more interesting to learn and to watch.And a good Angel player is something that we all need to see again.

We can all wait until the game is released, which will be on 23th of August.

Check out the official King Of Fighters XIV trailer!

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