The Tomorrow Children: Play Station 4 Release date and info

The Tomorrow Children  is a adventure video game developed by SIE Japan Studio and Q-Games and it is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was officially announced during Gamescom 2014 at Sony’s press conference on August 12, 2014.

Game info – The Tomorrow Children:

You’re basically a worker in The Tomorrow children working together with other players to build up and defend towns by constructing buildings, finding nesting dolls (which turn into villagers) and gathering resources.

If you look around you’ll probably see an island in the distance. The bus will take you there, and that’s where you find resources and such. The islands will appear and disappear and change.

If you don’t like the town you’re in, you can take the subway thing to a different town.

What you can do:

In Town of The Tomorrow Children:

  • Generate power for the town by running in those power treadmill things.
  • Help cart materials from the bus drop off zone to the resource stockpile.
  • Man the cannons if the giant monsters attack.
  • Buy tools, weapons, licenses or clothing from the store stands.
  • Use the crafting station to make buildings or decorations.
  • Report to the labor bureau to get a readout of what you’ve done so far, and rewarded with currency.
  • Place nesting dolls on the red button platforms to transform them back into villagers.
  • Talk to the villagers, they will sometimes give you quests.

The Island in The Tomorrow Children:

  • Gather resources by exploring and using pickaxes, shovels and chainsaws to gather from nodes.
  • Hunt monsters with weapons.
  • Find and retrieve nesting dolls.
  • Help to gather resources and bring them to the auto-loading bus zone (the bus will load things here and bring them back to town).
  • If the island and your controller start to shake, that means it’s going to disappear soon.

You have a level and stats you can put points into. You basically get credit towards this for every action you take.

Release date – September 8 

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