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legion companion app

Blizzard Did It Again: World Of Warcraft Legion Companion APP

As they said before, they will create a new Legion Companion App after one month; they did it. This app is for your mobile devices and should help you to keep track of your order hall. This should give you a lot of advantage when you are not in front of your pc or you are at work, not able to play the game. By using this app, you can manage some features of your order hall.

legion companion app

What are you going to be able to do with the Legion Companion App?

If you tap the research button at the bottom right on the app, you can upgrade your order hall or change upgrades you previously selected. You can send troops on your missions too!

You can see all the missions available, and you can send your companions on missions. This means when the tasks are done, and the next time you log in the game, you will get all the experience and items from those missions.

You can see all the quests by opening the map, and you can tap on the quests and see all the rewards you can get. Well, the Broken Isles should be easier to manage with this app. Especially for the guys that are still leveling up. I am pretty sure most of the people are already leveled up to 110, but some people have some additional characters to level up, and they are going to get a lot of help with this app.

You can open the map and see the world quests and their rewards after you get to level 110, which is fantastic.

The only issue over here is that you cannot be logged in both from the pc and the app on the same character, which means you cannot complete missions or start doing new ones while playing. But, you can always log out the role you play, pop the app finish the missions get new ones and log in again. 😉

Thanks to Blizzard for developing this time savior app.

Let’s get our best gear, as I am hoping in the game right now. See you on the broken isles.

Legion Companion App Explained – Blizzard

Do not forget to check the video below, everything is explained over there.

WOW Legion Companion APP

WOW Legion App

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Blizzard made a really nice smartphone mobile application that is going to make life of a WOW gamer a lot easier.

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