New Games From PlayStation In Collaboration With Android and IOS

Playstation in collaboration with Android and Ios? Will they make difference in mobile gaming?

ps controller with android

PlayStation in collaboration with Android and Ios. What will Nintendo say about this?

Yes, it’s true. Sony wants to take gaming in their hands and interfere Android and Ios in the business. Since everybody on this planet has a mobile device, Sony Playstation decides that they have to release games and for all the gamers around the world who can’t afford any console.

Sony says that this time, they aim in Asia or more specific, Japan. There are difficulties for console selling in Asia so they think that this  “Playstation-Android-Ios-play-games” idea, will work pretty easy. Sony saw from Nintendo’s release, the Pokemon GO, and taught “Go on mobile and you go viral”, which perfectly make sense.Sony will announce 5 games for Android and Ios, in the process of making, and release date of available to play around March not later than 2018.

Gaming will not die in the near future, that’s for sure. But gaming on smartphones, NEVER. It would be really cool if by the end of 2020 we can be able to attend/see tournaments. Shooter game playing 5vs5, racing with teams on Le Mans 24h or playing some crazy version of Angry Birds. Overall, I’m looking forward at this suggestion platforms.

Imagine how much of an impact that would be for all the platforms. How will the developers react? I personally don’t think this is an awesome idea. Many things can go wrong. Why don’t we sit back and relax and wait for the “Big Bang” to happen.

Sony will announce 5 games for Android and Ios, in the process of making, and release date of available to play around March not later than 2018.

We still don’t have the titles of the games, but as soon as we get some info, we’ll keep you updated.

New Games From PlayStation

IOSony - Future platform
SonDroid - Future platform

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Sony can make big difference in future mobile gaming with these type of ideas.

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