Battlerite Free To Play Weekend

Free weekend for Battlerite is announced by Stunlock Studios. The game will be free to play for PC gamers starting from December 1 to December 4.

Battlerite was released on September 20, 2016 by Stunlock Studios. This is a PvP team fight, where you can choose one champion with special abilities and fight in an arena with friends. Battlerite started with 15 champions, but with the full game release 3 more are added.

Here is the full list of champions

  1. Ranged Heroes
  • Ashka – dark sorcery and pyrokinetic powers
  • Ezmo – arcane fire and chaos grip powers
  • Iva – projectile and shield powers
  • Jade – gun and sniper powers
  • Jumong – bow and trap powers
  • Taya – boomerang and wind powers
  • Varesh – to weaken and disrupt powers

2. Melee Heroes

  • Bakko – axe and shield powers
  • Croak – stealth and movement speed powers
  • Freya – hammer and overwhelming power
  • Shifu – spear powers
  • Rook – hammer and berserk powers
  • Ruh Kaan – dark powers

3. Support

  • Lucie – alchemist powers
  • Oldur – time and space powers
  • Pearl – water powers
  • Poloma – shamanic powers
  • Sirius – stars and planet powers

In Battlerite the movement is perfect, without any imperfections. You can create combos to smash your enemies with style.

Each game takes around 10 minutes and it takes short time to learn the characters. There are 4 different modes in the game. Raw Arena Action, where it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a rookie and with only 10 minutes of gameplay you can become the greatest hero.

Perform Battlerites is one of the modes. In order to become stronger and more powerfull you need to perform ancient rites. You can choose your rites to attack your opponents and to unlock new powers. When you fight in the arena, a lot of fans are going to celebrate your win, so try to win as many matches you can to get even more fans. Top Down Bullet Time system allows you to re-think your next move.

Battlerite is free this weekend. But if you want to purchase it, just follow this link and get the early access with 25% off.

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