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EmergeNYC: Early Access On Steam

EmergeNYC is a single player indie RPG simulation game with early access on Steam. Early access on Steam last until 11/20/16 for the price of $50.

emerge nyc fire

FlipSwitch Games is the developer of the game. They are financed from the supporters who got this game for early access.

The feature development in the game will add many differences in the gameplay.

Future game development

  • Larger map of NYC
  • Respond to a lot of emergencies and crimes
  • From third person camera to real-time strategy gaming
  • You can drive your unit and have to avoid pedestrians and cars
  • Control the nozzle and extinguish the fire
  • Play online and work together with 12-32 players which
  • Each player is with specific duty, depends on your rank
  • Create your character and earn experience to unlock new units, equipment and weapons
  • Break down doors and walls in order to reach people who need help
  • You have the ability to chase suspects and require backup

When the developers are going to finish with their last update, the price will go down for more reasonable $30. I hope this will be done after the 4th update, which is scheduled to be released on November 27th.

This early access game is not yet completed and there is a big possibility that it will change in the feature. I will suggest that you should wait till the full progress of the game and the decrease of the price on November 20th to $35.



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