GTA 5 Online Update: Deadline Mode, Shotaro Bike and Special Bonuses

Finally, it’s time for us to be happy! The New GTA 5 Online Update is Live! A lot of players will get the chance to enjoy the new Deadline Mode and Shotaro Bike. Also, this update should bring you more special bonuses and a new Premium Race.

The streets of Los Santos will be your favorite in this new online update. The modern and futuristic Nagasaki Shotaro will make you demolish your enemies with its power of light trail leaving behind in this new Adversary, Deadline Mode. Sadly, it finishes on November 21st.

So, will it be the best GTA 5 online update? We can wait and see if there is going to be a better one.


Deadline mode finally comes in this GTA online update. It’s an online mode where you play while driving your new and different colored vehicle Nagasaki Shotaro (picture below). This new Bike leaves a light trail behind itself while being forced in the arena. If any other player contacts the white path, he will face an instant explosion. It seems that this is going to be a beautiful and fun online update where you can make your opponent sad while laughing at him.

You will need to perform calculated movements to make your enemy step on the trail. Also, you can get power-ups for a more competitive experience. Power-ups like Boost will make you speed ahead and take care of your opponents; Hop will make you leap over the trail of your opponent and using Zoned will slow the down time for more precise movement.

By stepping in the Deadline arena, you will earn Double GTA$ and RP until November 21st.

Premium Race: Over The Bridge (Starts Today, finishes on November 28)

Start a race across the La Puerta Freeway and Los Santos Docklands in the Over The Bridge Stunt Race. This race is locked to Bikes. It’s Triple RP to all those who participate in this race and will contain generous GTA$ prizes for the top three finishers.

Nagasaki Shotaro: Vehicle that will blow your mind

In this online update, you will get a new vehicle called Nagasaki Shotaro. We are pretty sure your account is going to be blown away because of the look of the car. We are talking about a motorcycle that delivers a pleasant driving experience that it doesn’t exist in this world. Rockstar and GTA 5 should release more like this online update while making the players happy.

With this new GTA 5 vehicle, you will be able to experience the New Deadline Adversary Mode which is going to unlock the bike for purchase. You can purchase this bike at Legendary Motorsport, together with the Deadline outfit that is going to be unlocked at any clothing store. Also, by owning a Shotaro in GTA 5, you’ll get a free Nagasaki Logo to your wardrobe.

GTA 5 Online: In-Game T-Shirts and Special Bonuses

Right after the release of this GTA 5 Online Update, you will be able to shine brightly in the Nagasaki Logo Tee with purchasing Nagasaki Shotaro. The double GTA$ and RP will give you a boost to your Biker Business for about 25% of supplies and resupplies. GTA 5 and this update provides an extra of 50% GTA$ and 2 X RP only from Biker Business Sales.

At last, these are the properties you’ll get:


  • Biker Businesses, 25%


  • Bullet Ammo, 25%
  • Throwables and Explosives, 25%
  • Body Armor, 25%
  • Drum & Box Magazines, 25%


  • Karin Technical, 25% (Heist completion req. waived)
  • Savage, 25% (Heist completion req. waived)
  • MTL Brickade, 50%

Let’s take a look at the new Online Deadline trailer below:

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